Mayweather: God told me to spend like a lavish king

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather

Floyd Mayweather has often appeared on these pages and, despite being the best boxer in the world, it is his behaviour outside of the ring that garners the majority of the headlines.

Why just recently we had him flashing his jewellery collection, getting into a mass brawl with rapper T.I. and explaining what pop-singer turned Bernard Manning impersonator Justin Bieber was doing leading him into the ring.

Mayweather is also known to place mind blowing bets on sporting events, burn $100 bills in nightclubs, eat his Frosties with personalised, diamond-encrusted silverware and have an iPod worth $50,000.With career earnings of around $400m he can well afford it, but it does leave a somewhat unsavoury taste in the mouth. That is until you find out the REASON he is spending all this money. And that is reason is? Because his spending habits have been “predestined” by God.

Yes ‘Money’ Mayweather exclusively revealed on his Instagram account at the weekend that he had spoken to God and the big cheese told him to keep on spending. “Yachts, private jets, foreign cars, mansions, unlimited shopping sprees, and I am just getting started!” said Mayweather.”I spoke to God last night and I asked: ‘Is there a problem with how this lavish KING is living down here on earth?’ and God said: ‘NO it was already predestined.”So I guess we can expect plenty more tales of excess to come from Mayweather in the future.

Whether God has also “predestined” him to go through his entire career unbeaten remains to be seen but we suspect there might be a bit of schadenfreude doing the rounds if he ever does get knocked out.


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