Mass exodus of staff at TV3

tv3Mass exodus of senior staff at TV3 Network Limited (TV3 Ghana) is seriously affecting the private free-to-air television broadcaster audience rating and gradually turning the media house into a nursing ground for TV broadcasters.

Recently three top leaders including the Chief Executive Officer Mr Lazurus Lamptey, Director of Brands Mr Ekow Blankson and Director of News and Current Affairs, Ms Mary-Ann Acolatse have resigned due to the company’s failure to adhere to terms of their contract.

TV 3 management decided not to affirm their employment after they had served the mandatory six months’ probation and additional three months, a tactics TV3 had employed to force desperate staff to append their signatures to a contract of “enslavement”.

TV3 began on-air transmission on October 1, 1997, and produces a variety of television program including news, drama, reality and entertainment shows.

According to Mr Joojo Cobbinah former staff of TV3, the MGGL, new owners of TV3, is the most confused entity. “They bought TV3, invested into it heavily and then messed up human resource. They changed the leadership of the newsroom by transferring the then Director of News to Human Resource, then made the Assignment Editor, the Head of News. So I resigned because I realised they were not serious”.

Mr Cobbinah noted that though new owners promised him good salary “I was not moved since money has never been my motivation. They brought in my MaryAnn replacing the Head of News and failed to renew her contract after 7 months. Three News Editors in less than two years”.

According to Cobbinah the list of seasoned staff who have left TV3 over the short period includes Kojo Hayford, Roland Walker, Bright Nana Amfoh, Koshie Amekor, Efua Acquaah Harrison, Emily Nyarko, Emma Morrison, Henry Malm, Huber Osei Welbeck. What serious company will allow this to happen?

And to confirm that TV3 has become a breeding ground for other media houses, Joy News and Multi TV has become the greatest beneficiary as Roland Walker, Nana Bright Amfo, Koshi Amekor, Efua Aquaah Harrison, Emma Morrison, Emily Nyarko and Joojo Cobbinah are now with the multi family.

With its tag line, ‘First in News, Best in Entertainment,’ and becoming the most watched free-to-air television station in Ghana, TV3hadachieved 65 per cent nationwide penetration at the end of 2006.

But unfortunately, since 2010, more than four CEOs have passed through, three Heads of Sports Desk have been sacked within the same period including Nat Laryea and Fred Amoah

The news department has seen the exit of over five Managing News Editors including the likes ofMary-Ann Acolatse, Emma Morrison, Robert Kyere, and OseiBoakye.

According to inside sources GAMA’s experienced film producers and directors who had built the company with their creative sweat were all painfully forced out including George Bosompem and Arcton Tetteh (architects of Bongo Bar and ChorkorTrotor).

Their crime was that they refused to succumb to the ruthless and unethical negotiations of the owners led by MawuliHedo and DelaZumanu to sack staff that had built the brands over the years.

The current situation at TV3 runs contrary to its vision – to be the best media station in Africa and beyond, and deviation from its mission – to create, develop produce and broadcast innovative and quality television content and services.

It could be recalled that in 1996, a Joint Venture Agreement was entered into by the Government of Ghana, Gama Media Systems, Gama Film Company and SistemTelevisyen Malaysia Berhad, which resulted in the creation of a TV station, TV3.

In March 2005, TV3 became a subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad of Malaysia, when TV3 Malaysia transferred its shareholding in Gama Film Company to it and in September 2011, TV3 was acquired and taken over by Media General Ghana Limited (MGGL).

The company has had a circus management style since new owners took over, which has fueled staff exists. Unfortunately for staff, the arrival of MGGL was the beginning of their troubles. Inside source claimed that the management style of MGGL was to use communist tactics and undermine the very leadership they had appointed.

You either bow to the dictates of the management which most often is against professional ethics or prepare for the wrath which includes setting spies on you, not empowering leaders.

MGGL team has rendered TV3 management team a toothless dog with daily commands from the MGGL headquarters at the World Trade Centre determining even basic or minor decisions such as cleaning the company, who must host shows, sometimes hosts are kicked out in the middle of nowhere, no consistency in planning and execution, knee jerk decisions meant to satisfy the leader.

According to inside sources the interference is costing the company big time as those afraid to stand up have had to become ‘yes men and women’ to secure their jobs running with every bad business decision forced down their throat.

Some have been banished by transfers to as far as northern region without any office or accommodation just to get rid of them.

According to sources at TV3 no corporate governance structure works at the station currently. Tactical planning, strategic planning, operational activities are all originated from the owners who have hijacked even the creative aspect of the production.

Line Managers have spies planted all over and with daily gossips sent to the top, any one’s job is on the line if one chooses to be proactive and independent. Subordinates including some managers who act as spies are promised all kinds of positions etc clandestinely and used to undermine running of the company.

Many have lost their jobs though when the heat valve bursts open and they see how they have been manipulated. According to sources at TV3 poor business decisions have landed the station in court, over a number of productions including Bongo Bar and Chorkor Trotor.

Source: Frank Atiase

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