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 M-Net Movies Comedy is obsessed with Trevor Noah

Trevor Noah is undoubtedly the local entertainer of the moment. As he will be taking the world by storm stepping into the shoes of John Stewart to present The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, M-Net Movies Comedy will give viewers the opportunity to enjoy a six comedy marathon of Trevor Noah stand-up shows on Sunday 4 October.

“Over the last couple of months, M-Net Movies has shown viewers that the slogan ‘we’re a little obsessed’ is a true reflection of the brand’s passion for great entertainment,” says M-Net’s Head of Publicity, Lani Lombard. “So it makes perfect sense that M-Net Movies Comedy is getting a little obsessed with Trevor Noah. We know that our viewers love viewing marathons, so assembling this feast of Noah shows, is indeed a special treat for all his fans.”

Trevor Noah delighted M-Net audiences with his show and Tonight with Trevor Noah which first aired on M-Net 101 in 2010. That year he also hosted the annual South African Music Awards. He became the first South African stand–up comedian to appear on The Tonight Show and his one-man show That’s Racist” sold out at venues across the globe in 2012. He became the first South African comedian to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman in 2013. Catch the first episode of the The Daily Show with Trevor Noah tomorrow Tuesday,  29 September at 7:00pm on  Comedy Central (DStv Channel 122)

On Sunday, 4 October M-Net Movies Comedy will screen:

  • Trevor Noah: Day Walker 2.0

Sunday 4 October 2015 at 9:55am

Trevor Noah was born to a Xhosa mother and Swiss father in the time of apartheid, when interracial relationships were banned. This, along with a township upbringing, gave Trevor Noah an unusual view of life in a tumultuous country.

The difference between South Africa’s numerous ethnic groups form the backbone of a hilarious stand-up routine in the days before Trevor Noah hit the international big time.

  • Trevor Noah: Crazy Normal

Sunday 4 October 2015 at 11:30am

It is often suggested that artists of every kind – painters, singers, writers and actors – straddle a fine line between sanity and psychosis. And what about stand-up comedians? Perhaps Trevor Noah has the answer.

South Africans must face the facts: their countrymen, from the president on down, act in ways that can never be described as “normal”. But what exactly does normal mean? And is there a difference between normal in Sandton and normal in Soweto?

  • Trevor Noah: That’s Racist

Sunday 4 October 2015 at 1:15pm

Laughter has no borders. Anyone who doubts this can consider Trevor Noah’s career arc. He started out by building a loyal following on local radio, and later took America by storm to land one of the most sought-after jobs on the international comedy landscape:  the host of The Daily Show.

South Africa’s top comedian knows one thing for sure: in his own country, one had better keep one’s mouth shut about issues such as affirmative action, the past or cultural differences, or one might be tainted by the most feared label of them all: RACIST.

  • Trevor Noah African American 

Sunday 4 October 2015 at 3:00pm

Trevor Noah explores his often-bewildering journey of arriving in America and simply wanting to be “black.”  Noah shares his perspective of growing up a mixed-race child under Apartheid, and fearlessly breaks down racial stereotypes on all sides by becoming what Newsweek calls a “cultural chameleon.”

  • Trevor Noah: It’s My Culture

Sunday 4 October 2015 at 4:18pm

Following on from his worldwide tour including New York, London and Sydney, Trevor returned to South Africa with this show that was sold out across the country.
From Trevor’s own take on WEE to Afrikaaners, Bafana, who to vote for in 2014, and finally meeting Julius Malema, no one is safe as Trevor shows us the funny side of our great Rainbow Nation.

  • Trevor Noah: Nationwild

Sunday 4 October 2015 at 6:00pm

Trevor Noah says he is grateful for the chances he received at a very young age to display his talents to the world, and now he wants to offer the rising stars of South African comedy a similar opportunity.

True comic talent is rare, but if anyone can recognise it when he sees it, it is SA’s No 1 comic Trevor Noah. He shares the stage with the stand-up comedians he regards as the best in the country. Laughter guaranteed.

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