LYRICS: ‘Personal Person’ – DBlack Feat. Castro

Personal Person Artwork

DJ Breezy on the beat yea/
D-Black, Under/
It’s Black Avenue Muzik baby/
D-Black, Yiee/
You be my personal personal personal/
If youre in love , take this with you, blessings/
Owo l3 monko/

You be my personal personalpersonal girl/
You be my personal person, personal girl/
Entibesin, nabesin ,nabesin y3n ko eh/
Men di wo ho agro ooo/ You too bad eh/
Men di wo ho agro oo/ You too fine eh/
Enti Me nikoooo/ You too bad eh/(Too bad)
Me niwoaanaekooo/
I no go fit dog you/

First time I met you/ you was chilling with your girls and (EEYAAAH)/
I ain’t know how to reach you, you was rolling with your best friends(EEYAAAH)/
See I didn’t wanna stress u/ so I told all my boys and (EEYAAAH)/
Fate connected us two, when I smiled and you said hi(EEYAAAH)/
Anytime when you smiled eh/ see my head start bash me (bash me)/
And I don’t understand how this love fit catch me (catch me) /
One day, one place , one girl, Sunday / E make I confsef , this can’t be /
See the first thing I said was how be !?/ deft guy, mouf die, ashangbae/
Bae , u made me feel some kan way/ see the party close sef I dey tap gate/
Just one ting ,fone number / when u catch house I go Holla /


As time dey go sef , I dey love you more and more / alotta dudes tried , and you ain’t let ‘em in, and you showed ‘em all the door baybee /
This ting dier spiritual / and I know say de feeling be mutual/ just mark here , we go do some wedding wey go pop off brutal /
Baby gurl it’s your birthday go down/
Everybody say you the flyestgurl in the city , and ma heart so glad they know now /
Baby gurlit’s Ur birthday go down/

Baby go down, all my girl dem go down
Baby go down, my sexy girls just go down/ (Repeat 2x)

You be the baddest, baddest amongst the rest/
Entijomwe , b3 so min sayenko/
Obibini ben koraanie/ Ahoufe a dwaredwaredwarewuey/
I no go fit dog you /
You be my true love, true love, true love, true love / me no woaana y3 ko/
Beebiankoka pampa, engye kedid3/
Ma ti a twiwo do yi/ Ma ti a twiwo do yi /
You be my personal person, personal girl /
Entiwo do sh3 tokoromo a a obi bayi /
Take me there, take me there/
I go fly with you/ I go change your life/
I go die with you, make you no change your mind/
( I go change your life)

Breezy, you see your life
D-Black, Castro , love is a Blessing



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