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#GhanaGist: Lyrics for Nenebi’s new work #MurderMahama

Poet/songwriter has release a new song he calls #MurderMahama. The 2-part song uses beats produced by American hip hop producer, DJ Premier.

Music is nothing but organized noise

Poetry is nothing but tears of a dejected voice

I am nothing but a rebel without a pause

Louder than bomb, I’m a mind terrorist

My brains have been recruited by ISIS

So when my lips opens, the whole world ices

The new Public Enemy meets Ice Cube

I am Chuck D real, Flavor Flav surreal

Afropop Poetry

Flow vicious like I work in a pub,

Still the only poet playable in the club

Bring the noise, I’m a horny lil’ devil

I saw my ex on IG looking all sexy

But I don’t do throwback pussy


My name Nene B.I.G brings in girls

Got it?


Brings in girls


Girls with ball control skills like Priscilla Okyere, ballticians

Girls with good oral skills like Hannah Tetteh, politicians

Pretty girls only, so I’m voting Samia Nkrumah

Just so I can tell my kids I voted for Nkrumah

Vote my girl Ebi Bright if you live in Tema

Nana Konadu be my kinda chick but mummy please

Let Maame Dokono bring back by the fire side

So we the lost kids can have back our guiding light

I’m about to kidnap and rape Lordina

To prove Ras JM don’t care about Ghana

He’ll ask me to keep her and get a new wife

He is all about bettering his own life

He is the new Sinatra, do it my way

He gave “everyday” a new synonym, Lights off day

The lights on time’s shorter than D.Cryme’s career, Rerelelio

Comes on just waiting to exhale like an HIV carrier, Hanks Anuku

While the churches dey Akosombo dey pray,

I dey Google search how to make a grenade

Like the tariffs, the lies dey increase and I think dumsor is to blame

Na me ne light nti me k) h) k) chargi me phone

Brother ee, brother ee

Brother charge me phone ansa ak) off

Yi wu dross, ne bu atruss


“How long the lights go off?”

(All day brother)

ECGfo) di rough rough

(All day brother)

“How long the lights go off?”

Before you drop that yam, do you have a generator?


Kidnap Lordina? Nah

Murder Mahama

So I can hit the light switch

(Ekiki Me)

Hit the light switch

(Ekiki Me)

So I can hit the light switch

Hit the light switch

(Ekiki Me)


Over Gitmo, let me cut Ras some slack

Since the CIA aided overthrew of Nkrumah,

America has been running Ghana

Why do think Uncle hosted Obama?

So they eat Nkate3 borga?

Atta-Mills was the wackest president till he died

Then we let all that incompetency slide

Imagine Ras JM at a point he really fears no knife

Sometimes death is the best way to save a life

I want to save his life by taking it


Doctors also call that mercy killing

I’m about to go crazy and go trigger-happy

I will do that on 6th March with the whole nation watching

I’ll bury a bomb under the podium he will be mounting

Stay home watching TV and strike just as he climbs

I’ll be a hero for saving Ghana from complete wreck

I’ll be a hero for saving the life of the incompetent dead goat


Goriest of all time

I don’t know who will think doing that is a crime

Just another silly year

Accra will be seeing another flood

Breaking down my family business with no prior notice

Doesn’t make Oko Vanderpuye a genius

He is now running for an MP, vote him if you are an idiot

(What saf I dey talk)

A politician is just a comedian who prefers a fancier job title

So don’t be mad I called you an idiot for endorsing your equal

I’m also an idiot who posts his nude on Facebook

See Me Naked

The only time I wear condom is when I don’t want to come quick

I’m a less-than-a-minute-man when I hit it raw, I must admit

Know something else I should admit?

I’ll wear the bomb around my waist

And hug Jay when he is on the campaign trail

So we can all die together

Me, him and that dull guy Amissah

Ghana will hail me a martyr

Please, make my statue in gold

Like it was on the cover of my album

And place it at the gate to B’s home

So she knows I wasn’t joking when I said I loved her

In death, I’m bigger than Jesus

Because Jesus died knowing he will come back to life

I’m dying knowing I will never come back to life

Play Telemo, song of the year at our funeral



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