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Lux embraces a new vision of putting fine fragrance at the heart of every product

Women in Ghana always love to look and feel good all the time. Not only do they want to feel and look good, they also act differently and are ready to set themselves apart from other women in the world. Most of the efforts that women put in getting that glamourous, confident look is aimed at setting their partners passions on fire and continuously igniting the spark in their relationships.

When it comes to their relationships, research shows that almost three quarters of women are constantly thinking about ways to ignite the spark between themselves and their partners. That moment you fall for someone, is an exciting, all-consuming feeling of attraction and intimacy. Yet as time passes, we become more comfortable with each other as the newness settles into a comfortable familiarity. One that every woman deserves to feel. No matter what, all couples should strive to keep that passion, that all-important spark, alive!

With fragrances that provoke desire and Silk Essence™ that makes skin so incredibly soft, Lux will remind, inspire, encourage and enable women to ignite the spark!

As a brand designed for women, the purpose of Lux is to bring the best of beauty within reach of every woman and help them create that sensational and emotional moments with their partners with just a little Lux.

Made from delicate floral notes and moisturizing Silk Essence, the new improved Lux beauty bar soap sensuously lathers and leaves fine fragrances leaving your skin irresistible to touch especially by that special person they soo much desire

Lux is good news for the men as well, as Lux does not only leave their women feeling pampered  after their intimate moments with this beauty bar but also ignites the spark in their relationships, as their women feel more confident about themselves now.

Composed of fine fragrance skin treats by world best perfumers and other rich ingredients which have been carefully selected to nourish the skin, the new Lux actually transforms the way one looks and feel, making you act FabuLUX ly every day.

Because we understand our women so much and also know each one would want her own signature or fragrance, Lux has five varied fragrances for them to choose from.

  • Made from rose petals, bergamot and blueberry, the Soft Touch is ideal for all skin types and is really loved by those who love the smell of roses.
  • Composed of tuberose, lily of the valley and Jasmine, women can indulge themselves in the delightfully rich sensation of the Lux Soft Caress beauty bar. Formulated with moisturizing silk essence, it will give your skin a natural softness like you never felt before.
  • The velvet Touch variant makes you step out with smooth and inviting skin. Infused with almond oil and Jasmine, this is the lux beauty bar that helps you bid dry skin adieu.
  • Lux shake me up will revitalize your senses and make you feel instantly refreshed. Infused with refreshing mint and chilled cucumber, to create an uplifting and fresh fragrance-it’ll leave your skin feeling looking beautiful and vibrant.
  • Nothing awakens a woman’s like a tingling fragrance of cool mint. It restores the skin and bring back its natural radiance.

Regardless of age, race or income, more than ever, most Ghanaian women aspire to be beautiful. Every woman follows a beauty regime. Whether it’s as simple as a beauty bar and water, to a more intense regime of washing, toning and moisturizing all women want to feel beautiful; and the basis of every regime starts with cleansing.

For most women, the scent of her favorite product is intrinsically linked with the benefit it delivers to her skin. The link between fragrance and the emotions it evokes is always interwoven. It is for this reason that Lux has invested in world-class fragrances to re-establish its much-loved heritage of long-lasting fragrance helping women to ignite their spark with just a little lux.John Dumelo and AJ Sarpong

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