Love Series With Akumaa Mama Zimbi: Knowing The True Love | Chapter 4

Love at first sight does not often happen. Love is a process and develops with time and other factors. It may not be automatic but you must first like a person or something about him or her before you can claim that you love that person. Love is like a tree. It must be planted, watered, protected, manure added, pruned and weeded around.

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You can truly be sure and appreciative of love when it begins to bare fruits. Is the type of fruit what you expected? Is the number of yields what you expected? Does the fruit taste the way you expected? You may not really need to judge by the yield and taste of the first harvest. This is because some plants produce good yields and great taste from their second or third season of harvest.

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Love demands a conscious mindset. You don’t love someone because they seem perfect for you but also because you know their weaknesses and ready to adjust, manage and hope they change along the journey which may not be likely. Your partner is human just like you are. Within their limitations and weaknesses, you must learn to think positive about your partner if you honestly want to journey with him or her till the end.

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Love should not just be based on the judgment of our five senses like what we hear, see, touch, taste and smell. It should also be based on our knowledge about ourselves and the person we wish to journey with. It is about risk, forgiveness and convenience. It is also about the ability to share jokes together, the ability to play games together, the ability to resolve conflicts between each other, the ability to appreciate each other, the ability to share with each other, and the ability to accept each other’s faults.

Love is about been honest about your finances and keeping secrets between you two. Love is about sensuality, immortality and sexuality in marriage. Therefore, love is just not a feeling we have. It’s more of a decision we make usually based on our feelings, circumstances, expectations and aspirations. And always remember, when God is in it, the dew of love is always new in the morning, even in old age.

Have you found your true love yet. Think about it. Medaase (meaning Thank You).

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