Lord Kenya Must Leave Sarkodie Alone | Best Ghanaian rapper of all time & Successful Ghanaian rapper of all time

To say that Ghanaians have missed you as a rapper and a musician would be stating the obvious.

Ghanaians have not only missed your exploits, they have also missed your wonderful stage performances. There was always something special about your performances.

Yes, we have missed you! When I say we, I mean those of us who witnessed the introduction of the Hiplife genre by Reggie Rockstone in the mid-1990s.

I mean those of us who witnessed your rise from the bottom to the top of the Hiplife ladder without the help of any social media platforms.

Those days, it was pure hard work and nothing else. How I missed those days ehh!

I mean those of us who saw you become bigger when you featured on Daasebre Gyamena’s hit track, Kokooko, and made that track an instant hit with your great raps.

I mean those of us who saw your emergence as a rapper from the ranks to rule the Ghana music scene with little or virtually no help whatsoever.

I mean those of us who saw you play an active role in making Hip life what it is today.

In your days, there wasn’t any craze for the release of singles, so we missed your era when releasing an album was a big deal and showed how creative and serious an artiste was.

In those days, people were sceptical about putting their money into the production and promotion of music.

There is a generational difference now and today, things are much different than it used to be.

Lord Kenya, you belong to the old school of Hiplife because you were there when it all started.

Today, there are a whole lot of Hiplife artistes who are not necessarily talented but they are still up there at the top of the game. You must just leave it as such, as there is little you can do about that.

Abandoning Hiplife for the work of the Lord hence becoming Evangelist Lord, Kenya, was the doing of the Almighty, but Ghanaians greatly miss you.

The reason for this letter is simple. A few days ago, you granted an interview on Starr FM’s Starr Chat with Bola Ray and labelled Sarkodie as a braggart and refuted the claim that he is the best rapper in Ghana.

According to you, Sarkodie does not have enough albums to be called the best rapper in Ghana. In all, you have seven albums to your credit and for a Hiplife artiste, and this is a big achievement. This certainly gives you the right to make some bold pronouncement.

“You don’t become the best rapper in one year, it takes decades before we say someone is the best, do you know how many years he has to work for it?.. (To be honest, how many albums does he [Sarkodie] have? I’m asking them to stop bragging…he [Sarkodie] hasn’t arrived yet and has to take his time.”

You also think that, Okyeame Kwame is rather the best rapper in Ghana because you saw him much like a father when you used to rap with him.

“Okyeame Kwame is the best because he knows what he is doing, he’s the one I used to rap with, and he’s like a father.”

Even though you are considered by many as Ghana’s best rapper of all time with myself sharing such sentiment, like I said earlier, there is a generational difference between yourself and Sarkodie and I feel you should have given the young man some respect.

Fortunately, I do not think you hate or detest Sarkodie but whether you like it or not, Sarkodie has achieved more than you did in your time. The young man does not have any competition now. He is on another planet.

I think that, you should have thought about the generational differences before making your argument. Sarkodie by far is currently Ghana’s biggest rapper with a staggering number of followers and with a rich repertoire of hits to his credit.

He was not the first Ghanaian to be nominated for the BET but he was the first Ghanaian to win that huge accolade for Ghana.

He was also nominated when Ghana’s Stonebwoy won it in 2015. He may not be the best rapper in your eyes but he’s the most successful Ghanaian rapper of all time.

As you may be aware, every rapper has their own flaws. You had yours as well. Sarkodie has been a braggart, for a very long time.

That is annoying but certainly, it has not changed the fact that he is loved by many and appreciated and he keep soaring just like that.

Your era was not like that; at least that explains why he was not in your era. There are things that happened in your era which makes total sense then. Today, those same things will not be entertained and that is life and its happenings.

In your era, you needed to work extra hard to be really noticed, even though there were not too many rappers as compared to today.

In your era, there were not any social media platforms to aid musicians in promoting their works should the DJs and radio presenters shun them.

Today, those platforms and even more are available to the new crops of musicians. That is the whole generational difference that I’m talking about.

Your argument suggests that, what Sarkodie and co are doing today would not have been appreciated in your era.

Fair enough, but what shows that what you and your colleagues were doing then will be loved in present day Ghana?

It is very disappointing reading all the comments that people are passing about you because of your opinion and I feel that, as a man of God, it absolutely makes sense to shun certain things.

Bola Ray has a way of getting answers from people he interviews, but as a man of God, I believe that, you should have declined to answer some of the questions that he posed to you, especially the one regarding Sarkodie.

Alternatively, your answers should have been in a more diplomatic manner than how you went about it.

I personally love you and consider myself as one of your loyalists but now it is Sarkodie’s time. You had your time, so allow the young man to enjoy his era bragging and all.

As you know, nobody stays on top forever, and when it’s time for him to make way for the next big musician, he or you or Ghanaians cannot prevent that.

This is coming from a real Lord Kenya fan, so the issue about hating should be put in the dustbin forever.

By Ebenezer Anangfio / Graphic Showbiz

Sarkodie and Lord Kenya

Sarkodie and Lord Kenya

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