Lord Kenya in anniversary programme

Evangelist Lord Kenya

Evangelist Lord Kenya

He was a General in the Hiplife Army. One of the big shots in contemporary Ghanaian secular music; the hottest stage performer and, for a ‘l-o-o-o-n-g’ time, Ghana’s Rap Heavyweight Champion. Who? The multi award-winning Abraham Philip Kojo Akpor Kainya aka Lord Kenya, of course!

And he has the evidence to prove all the above claims. As a crowd-puller and master performer, Lord Kenya’s name was ‘automatically’ top on the list of artistes who played at almost all big shows in the Ghanaian/African communities around the world.

In October, 2010 news broke out  that Lord Kenya had claimed that he had been’ arrested’ by the Holy Spirit and was thus a  born-again Christian.

From Friday, October 25 to Sunday, October 27, Lord Kenya will celebrate three years of his new-found life in Christ at the main auditorium of the Kumasi Technical Institute, Kumasi.

He will be joined by Pastor Joe Beecham, Moses O. K, Agnes Opoku Agyemang, Brother Sammy, Jack Ackom, Slim Becky, Angel Michael Osei, Brother Jackson and Agape Incorporated to praise the Lord at a special anniversary programme.

In a chat with Lord Kenya, he told showbiz he had put the world behind him and was enjoying an amazing relationship with God.

According to him, his call to evangelism started when he went to his regular wee base to get his supply of the stuff after seeing off a friend.

“It was there that I was hit by lightning and I fell flat. I tried getting up but couldn’t so I went on my knees in a prayerful pose and started crying like a baby”.

“I refused to take my usual supply of wee that night and headed home but I was ‘arrested’ by the Holy Spirit and ended up in a church in my neighbourhood called the Christian Boanerges Gospel Ministry where I was warmly received and anointed.”

“All the while, I was crying. I have not been the same since that night. I have quit smoking and drinking and now spend my time in the house of the Lord. I have become very prayerful as well, Kenya said.

Lord Kenya said it baffles him that he sleeps very well these days without the aid of alcohol or wee because he knows those are very difficult habits to kick out of one’s life but he has been able to do that by the abundant grace of God.

“Now I cannot stand the scent of alcohol or wee and I am trying hard to convince those I used to smoke with to quit the habit.”

According to Kenya, he feels extremely relieved and humbled by the whole process, adding that he is the happiest person on earth.

“I realised I was lost but now I have been found. There is a perception among young people that smoking makes one tough but all that is not true. The money people spend on drugs can be used on more useful things.

“If it is not God, somebody should tell me who has kept me safe and alive all these years despite the tribulations and the unexpected things that happened to me.”

Many may perhaps find it curious that a personality like Lord Kenya is preaching such ideals with almost Biblical fervor. He, however, states that he has always been a God-fearing person and his faith keeps deepening all the time.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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