It appears Lindsay Lohan is at peace with herself again.The 30-year-old troubled star has removed all posts from her Instagram account and replaced them with the Islamic saying “Alaikum salam,” meaning “peace be unto you,” in her bio line.


It’s unclear if Lohan has officially converted to the religion, although it”s known she has been practicing the faith for the last couple of years.

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Her rep did not return an email from the Daily News for comment.

Back in 2015, Lohan volunteered with Syrian refugees in Turkey and recently made the decision to uproot her life to Dubai following an interview with Haber Lurk where she admitted to feeling “unsafe” in the United States.

The actress discussed feeling like “an outsider” and relating to Muslim women based on her notion of being “different.”

Lohan said she was allegedly attacked by paparazzi in 2015 when she was seen holding a Quran given to her by close friends from London and Saudi Arabia.

“They crucified me for [practicing] it in America. They made me seem like Satan; I was a bad person for holding the Quran. I’m so happy to have left and gone back to London after that because I felt so unsafe in my own country,” she said in the interview.

“This is my belief … if this is something I want to learn then this is my personal will, it’s not for you to express,” she added.