Lil Wayne is a Whizzkid

The Kumahood based actor Kwadwo Nkansah popularly called Lil Wayne has become an idol of our time, despite allegations that he was the “ugliest” Ghanaian actor ever seen on screen. He debunked all these obstructive allegations and has sailed through.

Today, the “Azonto Ghost” fame actor has become the dream of almost all Ghanaian ladies, of which some have threatened suicide if he doesn’t give-in. No wonder it is said “If you get money, them go call you Honey, if you don’t get money, them go call you Monkey”.

The 24 year old has revealed that he’s engaged and would not allow any daughter Jezebel to sway him away from his lover.

Each and every now and then, Lil Wayne seems to be storming most of Gh’s entertainment shows. Music-music, he’s been there, Talented Kidz grand-final, he was there and even the almighty Vodafone Ghana Music Awards. His style and trend in taking his career is not only good but exceptional. I believe in no time, he would be on top of all the Kumahoodians.

Lil Wayne

Lil Wayne

With his sense of humour, he has being able to capture most fans in Kumasi and in Accra, not leaving minors out. Most of the Makola, Agbogbloshie market women are demanding more parts of the movie Azonto Ghost be produced. In the streets of Accra, I saw with my eyes, children trying to portray his demeanor. 

In spite of this, Lil Wayne wants to be an African icon. What was he thinking when he said that? Does he think being iconic figure is served on silver platter? Maybe, he should think it over or consider it as one of his jokes.

His talent is just not enough to reach that target, he has set. Except, he wants to educates himself to project his image better home and abroad. But till now, he is the whizzkid of Kumahood. More grease to his elbow.

Merci beaucoup.

Felix Acquaye

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