Life Coach, Samantha Wuta-Ofei talks about what the youth need to know about CVs on YFM’s MPWR Show

Life Coach Samantha Wuta-Ofei says the number one reason the youth require her services is for her to advise them on how to get a job in these hard economic conditions.

“The job market is tough, not just in Ghana but worldwide, and one therefore needs to put their best foot forward, one needs to better position themselves so care and attention needs to be paid to one’s CV,” Miss Wuta-Ofei said on the YFM’s MPWR Show.

Speaking on the show last Sunday, Samantha advised those seeking employment to take full advantage of the internet as there were so many sample CVs on the internet.

Samantha emphasizes that the way a CV looks is vital, she added “coming across so many CVs I have become a bit knowledgeable about how it should appear, it is worth noting that a CV shouldn’t be more than two pages, it should have a single typeface, it should be bullet pointed, the headings should be consistent and the CV should be relevant and up to date details.

According to Samantha, there is a basic format that people needed to adapt when compiling their CV which is as follows;

1. Name address and full contact details including email address- one must provide their full contact details, it is preferable to have this information on more than one line

2. Professional summary profile – This is a brief on how one is professionally this shouldn’t be more than four lines and should start off like the following ‘A professional with vast experience in the customer service field ……’

3. Employment history – This should start with the most recent job that was worked at or the job that is presently occupied – if there were any key achievements that are as a result of one’s input then this should also be mentioned, a key achievement, for example, can includes a new system that one introduced like a customer feedback channel.

4. Academic History – This should start with the most recent institution that was attended, stating the date, skills and qualifications acquired detailing any software packages that was worked with.

5. Additional Information – This is when you briefly mention your interests (ensuring it is relevant to the CV) and advising of any employment gaps.

Final thoughts are the CV should be kept updated and should be tailored to suit the specific jobs that are applied for. When submitting a CV it is always wise to add a cover letter which shouldn’t be more than four paragraphs placing the name of the recruiter (company address in the left hand corner) mentioning where the job was advertised adding any related experience, finalizing by expressing interest in the role.

Samantha ended by saying that an updated concise CV with a cover which follows the above better positions one for the job that is desired.

Samantha Wuta-Ofei

Samantha Wuta-Ofei

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