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Letter to Kwasi Appiah: Please Wear Ghana to games

Kwasi Appiah

Kwasi Appiah, Black Stars coach


I hope you are well and that preparations to de-Egyptize our way to Brazil are going smoothly.

I would like to use this opportunity to congratulate you on the strides you’ve made ever since you took over as the head coach of the senior national team, the Black Stars.

I was one of the many who felt skeptical about your appointment and pedigree even though I felt it was time to have one of our own in charge.

However, you have excellently proven us wrong and in the process won my unflinching support and respect.

As a young entrepreneur, I’ve been awed at the way you handle both the on-pitch and off-pitch issues. Just when all Ghanaians seem to think you should speak, you keep your silence and think. You’ve thought your way through challenges and consistently won all the important games to sustain the nation’s insatiable passionate hunger for more football glory.

I have learned a lot from you since you became the head coach of the Black Stars.

Kwasi Appiah, you are my Ghanaian of the year.

I write to you today to appeal to your kind patriotic senses to help push Ghana a notch higher globally by using your high offices to promote Ghanaian culture. My father once told me the late Ohene Gyan used to dress traditionally to the stadium, infact na ofira ntoma. I’m sure that man was as passionate about his job as a football administrator as he was being Ghanaian.

As the head coach, all eyes are always on you when you lead our gallant stars into games. With your pedigree, I believe that whatever you wear can easily trend worldwide.

Asamoah Gyan and his friends propagated the Azonto movement. Can you get the world to yearn for Ghanaian fashion? Can you get the world to Wear Ghana?

I believe you can!

The suits you wear always look good on you but a nice hip sporty shirt made from Ghanaian fabric by a Ghanaian hand will make you a delight to watch.

You have our prayers. We shall conquer the world. Your name will be etched in the hall of fame. You will be talked about for hundreds of generations for the feats you are about achieving. I believe you will be the most successful Black Stars coach by the time you retire because you will achieve more on-the-pitch and off-the-pitch as well.

In your quest to win laurels, please win the Ghanaian fashion industry some mileage.

Wear Ghana and give us some world wide appeal. Forgo the expensive suits sir, Wear Ghana. If you Wear Ghana to even a single game, it earns the fashion industry millions in free advertising.

Bra James, let us use what we have to get what we need. Ghanaian fashion brands need to break out globally. You are who we have. Do your motherland a huge favor. Let millions around the world appreciate Ghanaian creativity.

I trust you will be kind enough to heed my call.

I wish you all the best sir.

We can’t wait to see you lift the World Cup in Brazil. We can’t wait to see you Wear Ghana. #StandOut

Kojo Akoto Boateng

GFA (Ghana Fufu Association) President

(A true Black Stars fan)

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