Letter to Beverly Osu and #BBATheChase

So our “National Whore” Beverly OSU(outcast in Igboland) finally gets down with her 90days confused ‘dada’ boyfy Angelo in a rather pathetic and undignified manner. But then what’s the difference between Miss OSU and our pathetic politRicians who f**’s us everyday without reprieve.

Now the difference is that unlike former Nigerian contestant, Ofunneka Monokwu who got drunk and was ‘FingerRaped’ by a “married” ‘dada’ 5years younger than her, OSU(which best describes her anyway) warned us all with weeks of flirting and several foreplay…you wouldn’t forget in a hurry the popular ‘fingering’ or “Nigeria’s sub-rape” as posited by movie maker Charles Novia which the people we elect don’t ever do before betraying us.

For your information, Beverly kept warning and preparing us for what to expect from her, making it obvious that her highly active libido which has in the past been satisfied by people like rapper 2shotz and several unconfirmed video directors(remember she is a so-called ‘video vixen’) could not endure the torture of 90days without getting some. Although overnight, several blogs have made a lot of noise about the “uninteresting” bathtub act between both house mates making Beverly more mentioned online than GEJ and Dame altogether in the past 20hours, its quite disgusting the show of shock in some quarters over the act…as if we never saw it coming.
Apparently its high time I give my opinion on this evil BBA which has continued to glorify bad manners, dirty acts and of course help create more jobless youths turned un-useful overnight celebs in the several participating countries. Africa seems to be at war…a war with poverty, bad governance, insecurity, economic crumbling, terrorism etc and all we can think of as a unifying factor is -in Novia’s voice “Ghana giving Tanzania STDs” or “South Africa sub-raping Nigeria” or perhaps the glorification of privates parts turned continental public areas for global consumption in the rather disgusting shower hour.
Like most young people, I am affected by what I read and watch on the internet and so it is left to imagination how many youths on the African continent who have been possessed by this show of shame and degradation of the African culture.
Nigeria is at war in the North, Zimbabwe is in another political crisis-an aftermath of yet another Mugabe self transition, Mali at war with itself, Egypt in comatose and several other crisis on the continent and in one day, two unguarded young adults disgracing themselves and embarrassing their families overshadow all these turmoil. I can imagine Beverly’s mother watching the ‘bathtub show’ and saying proudly to her friends in Nollyhood’s Mama G’s voice…”that’s my girl”. Oh what an irony.

Over the years, Big Brother Africa organized by some disgusting firm in South Africa has continued to dement the thinking of young adults who now believe what they see is normal especially in the “globalization” context as against values they were taught by their parents and ofcourse our deceitful society. In the 2007 edition, Richard Bezuidenhout rapped the drunk Nigerian mate, Ofunneka and simply said there was nothing wrong with it. Like he said “Well, this is Africa”, the rest is history as the ‘Manual rapist’ as Richard was referred to went on to win the $100,000 prize of the game. Again what an irony.
Like the good Professor, Professor Wole Soyinka who thoroughly detest the continental show of shame, it is pertinent to at juncture posits that the silence kept by people who perhaps can make a positive change is most rather unwelcome. Its high time we all condemn in its entirety the activities of these agents of a demoralized Africa where our hard-core moral values which is synonymous to us as a peculiar people on the surface of the earth is being bastardized with the mask of entertainment.

Nigeria is a Country where pornography is condemned daily and several moves has been made to control internet porn yet BBA invades our airwaves with a milder kind of soft porn while we sit back perhaps hapless as teenagers and even their younger ones are introduced to a world of immorality right in their father’s parlor…atleast in the past kids who wanted to indulge in this had to do it with some discretion(hidden dvds, porn obtained through bluetooth from friends’ phones etc). BBA Chase is a nuisance, why encourage youths to chase indignity above dignity,indecency above decency, why spend so much resources to promote moral decadence. Somebody needs tell, Multi Choice that Africa needs better moral teaching packages not a show where girls with kids out of wedlock and boys who should be fathoming a way forward for our economic lock jam only come to showcase their sexual prowess …

PERHAPS its high time our National Assembly who have in recent times shown interest in similar matters(#same sex marriage,#ChildBride et al) promulgate a law prohibiting any Nigerian citizen from participating in this show of shame while also prohibiting it from being aired on any Nigerian package on DSTV (We even heard when they tried deliberating on the possibility some years ago,it was frustrated by some UN-honorables who were quite excited about the shower hour).

PERHAPS this might just be a way to begin checking the excesses of Multi Choice’s control of our airwaves. Atleast we wouldn’t forget in a hurry the embarrassment given the country during the last Nations Cup over televising on local stations. Still on the Nations Cup,I believe this is enough for the unification of the continent unlike what the thieving organizers of the amoral BBA which promotes promiscuity among opposite sex.

PERHAPS in the subsequent shows we should be watching out for homosexual intercourse shown live across the continent,I can just imagine life trans-country ‘bonning’ ofcourse to our valueless chagrin.
PERHAPS our politicians would awake from their slumber then and start crying foul.
Or PERHAPS,a rift which might someday go bad with the use of sharp objects resulting to PERHAPS bodily harm or even ‘God forbid on their behalf’ PERHAPS murder.

Come to think of it, what justification do we even have as Nigerians after all an OSU sorry OAU(Obafemi Awolowo University) student has recently entered the Guinness book of World record for Longest sex covering 15hours,7Mins and 23seconds, I wonder what this would do to us as a nation.

Perhaps, I should never have even written this or PERHAPS it is my obligation to in order to prevent our future generation from living in a society where immorality ‘is nothing’(in Olamide’s voice)
Dats wassap!”

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