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LETTER: Journalist withdraws case against Asamoah Gyan’s brother

Below is the letter written by Daily Graphic journalist Daniel Kenu withdrawing from court an assault case against Baffour Gyan, brother of Black Star’s skipper, Asamoah Gyan.

September 18, 2014

Box 742 Accra.




Dear Sir,


It is with a heavy heart that I write to inform this honourable court that I, Daniel Kenu, the regional editor of Daily Graphic, Ashanti region, and the complainant in the Baffour Gyan led assault on me, to discontinue with the case on health grounds and other related family matters.

My recent consistent and persistent rise in my blood pressure following the trauma that I am currently going through as a result of the September 5, 2014, attack as well as the sudden death of my uncle Efo Kwame in the Eastern region, who until his death on the eve of the last hearing in court, September 12, had insisted that I let go off the case because the name of the family had been in the media too much lately, warranted his decision.

Indeed, his fear until his death was that my mother, herself a hypertensive, could drop dead if the case dragged on because of the trauma she was equally going through.

I brushed all the pieces of advice aside in the name of justice. But when he died on Thursday, September 11, reality dawn on me that if I was not careful, my mother could also kick the bucket.

The sad incident, which has landed me at the Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital in Kumasi for a psychological assessment and a possible treatment, as well as its related matters may appear sheer coincidental, but they are too striking for me not to rethink for, an ‘unexamined life is not worth living.’

I am sorry that I may have disappointed my colleague journalists for not going through the full length of the case to seek justice and perhaps serve as a deterrent to other hooligans.

I am sure I have disappointed my love ones and supporters for my unilateral decision without recourse to them. But respectfully, this has to do with my health and my family and I wish that all those who have supported me all along will understand me.

Thank you very much and may God bless us all. Yours Faithfully,



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