Let’s stop the Azonto nonsense – #VGMA Sound Engineer of the Year winner

The introduction of Azonto has changed the face of Ghanaian music without any doubt. However the change has not been positive as now anybody can go to the studio and record anything with the help of an Azonto beat and call it a song.

If you are not happy about it, then Kaywa who picked the Sound Engineer of the Year award at the Industry Awards of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards is also not too enthused about it.

He says “We can’t continue this trend of Azonto beats, we have to refine it.”

Azonto went viral globally within the first few months of its introduction. The dance form that has influenced a new Ghanaian rhythm has been performed on various world stages by both Ghanaians and other nationals.

‘Azonto’ is seen by many as one of Ghana’s biggest cultural exports of the past decade but is the trend sustainable? Is the music form that accompanies the dance form realistically marketable worldwide? Can Azonto outlive the current generation of music lovers?

Celebrated Ghanaian music producer and winner of the Sound Engineer of the Year award, KAYWA, says Azonto needs some tweaking to make it more appealing.

In an interview with Kojo Akoto Boateng on Kumasi-based Ultimate Radio, Kaywa alluded to the fact that Azonto pushed the brand of Ghana internationally. However, he contends that the Azonto beat should metamorphose into something richer than it is now.

” Now I see a lot of great changes but we can’t continue to produce Azonto beats. The best we can do now is to take it deeper, do some quality Afropop songs. When you listen to Afropop beats they are entirely different from Azonto beats. Azonto is having your kicks, snares, something small to work around with but Afropop goes to another extent by adding techno elements and other music forms to make it better and more appealing.”

According to Kaywa, even though Azonto is Ghanaian, Nigerian musicians have picked it up and improved it and making better waves internationally.

He told Kojo that industry players in Ghana should all make a conscious effort to fine tune Azonto to make it more commercially viable globally.

According to Kaywa, he will never go off track in delivering quality productions for music lovers.
“I will never do what everybody is doing. If you check my productions from last year to this time, I’ve been doing what I can do best. Expect good tunes and great sound quality from me,” he added.

Kaywa in the studio

Kaywa in the studio

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