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Leti Arts Wins Vodafone appStar Global Final

Leti Arts Wins the ‘Best Established Developer’ Prize at the Global Final of the Vodafone appStar Competition in Bengaluru, India.

Leti Arts, an interactive media studio with offices in Ghana and Kenya,won the global final of the Vodafone appStar competition, at an event held in Bengaluru, India on January 15, 2015 and will be awarded an expense paid trip to Mobile World Congress 2015 in Barcelona, Spain.

“appStar is the Annual Developer Contest conducted by Vodafone, for developers across several countries of African & Asian continent, to promote local talent & bring them to the international stage.

Leti Arts won the Best Established Developer category in the global final with their Android mobile content distribution app, Africa’s Legends representing Ghana among the field of developers from five (5) countries, Kenya, India, Ghana, Tanzania and South Africa.

The Africa’s Legends app, is a mobile content distribution app for delivering content related to the Africa’s Legends superhero franchise, to consumers worldwide. TheAfrica’s Legends superhero franchise reimagines African folklore and historic legends, interspersed with fictional characters, as elite superheroes fighting crime in present day Africa.

“ As a mobile content distribution app, we know Africa’s Legends is innovative, and we are glad it has been recognized on a global platform by Vodafone. We will continue to push Africa’s Legends in 2015, through innovative digital formats, such as games, digital comics and interactive apps.
 Eyram Tawia (CEO, Leti Arts)

Leti Arts CEO, Eyram Tawia, was joined at the competition by fellow Ghanaian developer, Abideen Adelu, (Vicinity App) in the Best Upcoming Developer category. Adelu is currently an Entrepreneur-in-Training (EIT) at the Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) in Accra where Leti Arts is housed at the MEST Incubator.

Content available in the Africa’s Legends app include digital comics and games, with additional content (videos, wallpapers, ringtones) scheduled for future release. TheAfrica’s Legends app and its sister app, Leti Center, are available as a FREE download from the Google Play Store and Windows Phone Store.Leti Arts Wins the ‘Best Established Developer’ Prize at the Global Final of the Vodafone appStar Competition in Bengaluru, India_opt

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