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Lady Sam And Creator Of An African City ‘Nicole’ Talk Fashion And Condoms

Lady Sam meets up with the creator of An African City in and they talk Fashion, Sex and relationships.

Lady Sam: Nicole congrats on the success of “An African City” what was your inspiration behind the story?

Nicole: Sex and the City! I love that show! But instead of a backdrop of New York City, I get to see five African women with a backdrop of Accra. To me, that’s perfect.

Lady Sam: So how did you feel when your Web series was picked up by the BBC and the likes?

Nicole: Shocked. Had no idea that was just the beginning. It’s been a whirlwind ever since.

Lady Sam: Now season one made a lot of waves and now you have just launched season two what do have to look forward to in this season?

Nicole: I think in this season the audience will get to know the women even more. But, there is also the online conversation. There’s a lot to discuss, from expat salaries verses local salaries and dumsor to more dumsor plus we look at male bleaching an even date rape.

Lady Sam: That sounds quite deep.

Nicole: Well you will have to wait and see.

Lady Sam: Ok I will look out for that, now in terms of the five characters which one do you mostly relate to?

Nicole: I think I can relate to aspects of all five characters. But, Nana Yaa’s journey of self-identity intrigues me the most. In episode one, the first time we hear her speak is when answering an immigration officer and saying, in broken, Americanized twi: “Yes, I am Ghanaian.” I want to see where she goes in this journey of self-identification, especially when many other worlds have, indeed, shaped you.

Lady Sam: I think I can definitely relate to that. Now something else I relate to is fashion and fashion plays a big role in the all the episodes, the girls always look amazing, who styles them and which designers were patronised?

Nicole: Afua Rida with Styled by Rida! Oh my, too many designers to count! There were I think nearly 100 designers from Ghana, Nigeria and throughout the African diaspora. But, we know the fashion is another lead character of the show – and she gets people talking! As the creator of the show, it’s important to me that worldwide audiences are talking about African fashion – that the world knows how much talent exists among young, African creatives.

Lady Sam: Wow that many, that’s a lot. I also believe set design has also become a big feature in Season two why is there more of a focus on it this time round?

Nicole: We worked with DAAR Living and Blueprint Africa to make sure that audiences get to know the girls even more. You get to know the girls even more by the accessories used to decorate their kitchens, their living rooms and their bedrooms. And, hopefully that inspires audiences to think about their own living spaces, in contemporary African style.

Lady Sam: Still on fashion what do you think of fashion in Ghana? 

Nicole: Um, that’s an Afua Rida question. 🙂

Lady Sam: Lol, so you clearly dont want to answer but I do want you to tell me which male celebrity does it for you when it comes to dressing in Gh?  

Nicole: Oh, goodness, you are so going to get me in trouble with this question. Sam, what is your real motive here? Well, here goes. Mawuli Gavor. He’ll rock jeans with an African-inspired top. I like that. Two worlds coming together. Perfect combination.

Lady Sam: I need to start paying more attention to Malwuli. Now on a completely different note is it true that you had no film experience prior to ‘An African City’?

Nicole: True!

Lady Sam:  Wow impressive, so tell me what is next for Nicole?

Nicole: Hopefully lunch. 🙂

Lady Sam: Hmm.. someone seems hungry. Well thanks for your time It was good catching up with you.. remember Lady Sam for season three, and this is not lol (lol..)

Nicole: But with the men these women date in the show, are you sure you are up for it? Do you really want to be with men who make you pay dutch or throw dirty condoms in the air? If you’re up for that, then you got it!

Lady Sam: Lol, well thankfully that’s all in the name of acting. So enjoy your lunch and let’s catch up another time. 

Nicole: Sure Sam nice catching up.

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Lady Sam and Nicole Amarteifio

Lady Sam and Nicole Amarteifio

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