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Lady Luck, EURO 2020, + more this week on GOtv!

GOtv is getting bigger and better! On 12 November, GOtv got boosted with brand new entertainment channels like Cartoon NetworkDiscovery ID, Da Vinci Kids and Discovery ID!

Leading kids channel Cartoon Network is sure to keep both kids and adults entertained throughout the festive season and beyond on channel 154. The channel is a gateway for non-stop fun, laughter and adventure with well-known hits such as Ben 10Craig of the CreekPowerpuff Girls and much more. GOtv viewers can also look forward to a brand-new Cartoon Network original series, Victor and Valentino, a show about two mischievous brothers who go on adventures that put them in the path of some curious creatures. The new show premieres on Wednesday 23 November. In December, the holidays are sure to be a hit with new episodes from the much-loved, Teen Titans Go, a comedic look at young superheroes, showing what life is like for the teens when their capes come off. 

The addition of Discovery ID on GOtv Max on channel 148 will add thrilling real-life drama and suspense to the content slate. The channel showcases the best in gripping stories and dramatic reconstructions of everyday people behaving badly, all filmed in a contemporary and stylish format. Viewers can tune into the enthralling series, Someone You Thought You Knew, which reveals stories about people who were murdered by someone they trusted. With real archive footage, re-enactments and interviews with detectives, each episode delves into the lives of the victims and their killers, revealing the truth behind the deception.

Kids edutainment channel, Da Vinci Kids is inspired by its namesake, groundbreaking artist, scientist and inventor, Leonardo Da Vinci. The channel, which will broadcast on channel 157 aspires to illustrate the beauty and wonders of human curiosity and its explorations, be it in science, arts or innovation. The new edutainment channel will amaze and delight GOtv with a range of fun educational programming for kids and whole families alike filled with humor, imagination and meaningful educational takeaways that cover Science, Math & Tech, Play & Make; History & Personalities; Culture; Life & Nature and Sports & Leisure.  

TNT is a blockbuster filled channel with an array of film favorites tailored for the whole family. The channel is broadcast on channel 116 .

Action movie buffs are in for a treat this November with the Martial Arts Marathon scheduled for the month. Catch non-stop classics starring iconic stars like as Jean Claude van Damme, Jackie Chan, Jet Li and Bruce Lee.

December is all about the holidays and getting entertained with the whole family. TNT has you set with heart-warming films including Tim Burton’s imaginative take on the kids classic, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

New Series Alert!!!! Lady Luck is about a young woman named Bhoomi who has to choose between her married life and professional life after she marries Anshuman “Maan” Prajapati from a rich traditional family.

It also narrates the story of two families from Madhya Pradesh. The Prajapatis – a respectable upper-class family with an established family business headed by Vasundhara Prajapati who the decision-maker in all the important aspects is also related to her family members.

In contrast to this family is The Shuklas who are a traditional upper middle-class family with a business in gems and stones.

Lady Luck is coming to Zee World (CH 125) starting this Thursday, November 14th at 4:00pm on GOtv. Stay connected!

Starring award winning actors, Idris Elba and Taraji P Hanson, No Good Deed tells the story of a woman who encounters an unstable escaped convict who terrorizes her and her two kids. Friday 15th November on BET (CH 121) at 7:30pm.

There are manipulators in the midst, scheming right under everyone’s noses. Even with people trusted the most, there may be something sinister lying beneath the surface — a plot set in motion by someone close with a deadly motive. This true-crime series, Someone You Thought You Knew, tells stories of actual murders committed not by strangers but by someone the victim knew, someone hiding in plain sight, or someone leading a double life. These wolves in sheep’s clothing use deception as a weapon to try to get away with murder. A new season starts Friday 15th November at 7:50pm on Investigation Discovery (148)

Animal Planet teams with The Dodo, the top-ranked digital media brand for animal content, to spotlight unmistakable, moving bonds between animals and people. Each episode focuses on one inspiring story of people who will do anything to help animals in need. Along the way, the series explores the personalities and emotions of both humans and animals and highlights their unique connection. The heroes include Derrick Campana, who designs prosthetics and orthotic braces for animals; Ali Bee, a veterinarian fighting to save Australia’s declining koala population; and Jan Creamer and Tim Phillips, whose organization rescues animals from circuses. DoDo Heroes, Tuesdays at 4:30pm on Discovery Family (146)

An assassin is hired to kill a young woman, but he develops affection for her and tries to protect her from enemies. He helps her seek revenge for her father’s death. The Hunter’s Prayer, Sunday 17th November on MMovies Zone (103).

Four brothers work together to discover more about their mystic ninja powers and the hidden magical realm beneath the sewers of New York City. New episodes of Rise of Teenage Ninja Turtles showing Sunday 17th November on Nickelodeon (CH 153)


Thurs 14 Nov: Semi-final 1: W46 vs W45: 19:15: SL3 (133)

Fri 15 Nov: Semi-final 2: W47 vs W48: 10:45: SL2 (132)

Sun 17 Nov: 3rd Place Play-off: RU49 vs RU50: 18:00: SL3 (133)

Sun 17 Nov: Final: W49 vs W50: 21:45: SL2 (132)


Euro 2020 qualification fixtures, 17-19 November

Sunday 17 November

19:45: Andorra v Turkey – LIVE on SuperSport Select 4 (134)

Monday 18 November

19:45: Republic of Ireland v Denmark – LIVE on SuperSport Select 4 (134)

19:45: Spain v Romania – LIVE on SuperSport Select 2 (132)

Tuesday 19 November

19:45: Belgium v Cyprus – LIVE on SuperSport 7 Select 4 (134)

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