Ladies, this is not an “April Fools’ Day”

Text message

In the spirit of oneness, love, peace and tranquility, we wish you all a beautiful Easter celebration.

Today is the very first day in the month of April and we cannot pretend or shy away from what seems to be the norm – “April Fools’ Day.”

According to a popular definition of the day, it is a widely recognized and celebrated day when people play practical jokes and hoaxed on each other, meaning in other word, we can call it an “All Fools’ Day.”

Just as the day implies, we shall love to quickly pass a question here, it is not an “April Fools’ Day” question but one that is happening around us on daily basis. And let’s imagined it popped on this very day.

The question is what will you do if you checked and see this in your boyfriend’s text message and saw a text from a lady which reads thus: you are so handsome. It was a nice time with you; no guy has ever turned me on like you did… when do you plan on leaving that girlfriend? I love you.

How will you react? Will you just let it go because it’s an “April Fools’ Day”?

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