LADIES: 5 tips to make your lipstick last long

5 tips to make your lipstick last long

Lipsticks enhance the pouts and add beauty to face, but they can even make a face look gloomy and miserable.

You can deck up in best of attire, with your face still flushed with face powder, but with the lip paint going away you would protrude a dim representation.

A little attention can bring in relief and make those lips look luscious with the lip colour all over it. For making lipsticks stay longer, a few things have to be kept in mind.

Healthy lips can retain colour in a much better way than unhealthy lips. For this, apply a thick coat of Vaseline or other lip balm as a lip treatment and leave them overnight on to your lips. In morning, lightly brush your lips with your toothbrush to shed away the peeling skin of your lips. Before you coat them with lipstick ensure you use a sunscreen added lip balm to not only retain the colour, but also protect them from the sun.

2. Use lip liners to outline lips. It is effective in preventing bleeding of lip colours. Also, use a gentle dab of foundation on lips before you use a lipstick. Post application of lipstick over foundation, use a slight sweep of face powder and reapply the lipstick to retain the colour for a longer period of time.

3. Using lip brush to apply lipstick will help in spreading the colour evenly all over the lips, making the lips look fuller.
It is always advisable to use brighter shades of lipsticks. Even if they smudge and lighten at the end of the day, they will still have a light tint, which will make the lips look good..

4. Adding a coat of a lip gloss adds shine and makes the lip colour glossy.
Always use lip brush or lip tubes directly. Applying lip colours through fingertips will not make them stay for long. It is because the oils in fingertips break down the lipstick formula and make the lip colour smudge.

5. For a better stay, use lipsticks which stay for a longer duration. Lip colours from certain brands come with non-transferable gloss products. Even after eating, drinking, endless talking or even kissing, the colour of such products will not smudge or transfer. However, some lipsticks, having long wearing formulas, can have drying effect on lips so for that drink loads of water to hydrate your lips.


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