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Lacaesara Band, Naija’s Tope Nautical To Perform At Paloma Hotel August 12

Chief Jamiu Adisa of Fuji Music and his Lacasaera Music Band will storm Paloma Hotel, Kokomlemle on August 12, 2016 to treat guests to some night-long pleasure with the help of his special guest artist Tope Nautical who will be coming down all the way from Nigeria.

Jamiu has been playing Afro-Fuji music right from Nigeria to Cameroon and Ghana for years before forming the Lacasaera Band in the year 2013, despite performing for about 18 years now.

Lacasaera Band will also perform at Bay View Hotel which is before the Kasoa Toll-booth on the 14th of August, 2016. The special guest artist; Tope Nautical will perform on the night alongside other surprise artists.

Afro-Fuji music has been in existence for ages now, though seem to be lost, it is gradually taking its place in the music scene like the “Burger-highlife” tunes of the days…

Afro beats as it was during the days of Fela Anikulakpo Kuti is still reigning. From that genre of music came another versions known as Afro-Juju; played by Shina Peters of Abeokuta; Ogun State, Nigeria.

Now, this is the moment and season for a different style known as Afro-Fuji and Lacasaera Band, your host for the two days showdown, to entertain African music fans with a suiting rhythm that will let you tap not only your feet but get you on the floor.Chief Jamui Adisa (left) and Tope Nautical (right)


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