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Kwaw Kese No Longer Interested In Talking About Kontihene

Kontihene would not have any more attention from Kwaw Kese as the rapper has decided not to allow the former use him to get back to the mainstream Ghana music scene.

“You know, there are some things you don’t want to talk about and this is one of them. Bolas, the music industry has grown and these days when they are doing shows you don’t hear that name again. You know it Bolas. I don’t have to say it.

“So if somebody like that comes to talk about you it means he wants to use me to get back. He is trying to ride on my fame and I don’t give him the chance to do that,” he said.

“You know when I came back from prison we met and he was so nice to me. But then he pulled that surprise and it didn’t work because the whole of Ghana saw what he was doing… They all saw through that cheap [stunt]…. I don’t know.”

The Madtime Entertainment CEO Kwaw Kese was speaking to Bola Ray and Anita Erskine on Starr 103.5FM.Kwaw Kese

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