Kumawood is becoming 419 nightmare

Kumawood starsIt is only in Kumawood movies that, houseboys and gate-men can insult their masters and sometimes demand sėx from their master’s wives and still keep their jobs. There is always a new story about Kumawood movies.


A couple of months ago, movie makers in Accra or what I call Accrawood (Movies made in Accra) condemned or spoke against movies made in Kumasi or Kumawood movies and some of us who have been addicted to the Twi movies came hard on these people as being jealous of the market share the Kumawood movies are attracting compared to those Accra movies.

The first Twi movie I watched, “Kumasi Yonkuo” got me hooked to Twi movies and took me away from Nigeria movies. I watched some few Accra made movies like Beyonce and others which were cheap imitations of Hollywood movies with crime and sėxual themes that did not attract my idea of cultural movies pertaining to our way of life so I stopped buying those movies.

I thought as time goes by, the quality of movies made in Kumasi and the actors and actresses, producers, Directors and behind the scenes crew will improve but things are rather getting worse. A couple of months ago, I bought about five movies with three of them supposed to be four scenes, 1,2,3&4 but two of them ended up being only 1,2&3.

Why am I complaining whether the movies are three parts or four parts? Four part movies cost ten dollars at where I buy my Twi movies and the three part movies cost seven dollars fifty cents. I ended up losing five dollars by deliberate cheating by these movie makers.

Last Saturday, February 22nd 2014, I bought three movies titled Bachelors, a combination of Kumasi movie stars with known Accra movie stars like Jackie Appiah, Yvonne Nelson and others which did not have any message for me but a little better quality. The movie was not in parts and cost me five dollars which I thought was worth the price.

The other two were “GYE NYAME” and “Anim Guase3 Ntomah”. These movies were supposed to be in four parts but what did I get?

First, the supposed “GYE NYAME” movie ended up being a different movie all together. The CDR was titled, GYE NYAME but the actual film ended up being called, “Four-40″. Not only that, it ended up being a three part movie whilst I paid the price for a four part movie.

The “Anim Guase3″ movie also ended up being a three part movie though it was advertised on the case the movie came in as a four part movie and sold for ten dollars instead of seven dollars fifty cents.

That is four movies in a span of two months where I was cheated by ten dollars and this is not a mistake but a deliberate attempt to cheat Twi movie buyers.

The fact of the matter is that, not only are these movie makers cheating consumers but are producing really bad movies not worth even a dollar. The supposed top Twi stars at the moment, Kwadwo Nkansah (LilWayne) and Kwaku Manu are really not good. They are bad Actors who over act and are not even funny.

Movies should mimic reality but these two Actors act scenes that in reality cannot happen in our culture especially when these two act as houseboys or gatemen. Where in Ghana can houseboys and gatemen insult their Masters and the Master wives and sometimes demand sėx from the Master’s wife in crude ways and still keep their jobs? These two are actually dumbing down Twi movies and I have decided to be selective in buying Twi movies with little presence of the two.

Agya Koo, despite his foibles is a far better Actor than these two illiterates whose acting are not up to par.Boadi(AKROBETO) Agya Koo, Kwadwo Poku are better Actors and should be given more roles to play if the Kumawood is to survive.

The Producers of these movies should upgrade their Quality Control and make sure they are selling the right product. They cannot continue to sell three part movies for the price of four part movies and expect consumers to continue patronizing their cheap movies with 419 all over them.

Justice Sarpong


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