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KSM writes an open letter unhappy Ghanaian Doctors



Here is an open letter from Ghanaian Satrist, Kwaku Sintin-Misa (KSM) to Ghanaian doctors as they prepare to go on strike again!

Dear Doctors,

I really do think you deserve better. I fully understand your anger and frustration and even agree with your decision to go on strike.

My only appeal is that you device a new strike format that is able to target. I call it “Targeted Strike Action”. (TSA) In your case, the target will be GOVERNMENTOFFICIALS – Those who ARE RESPONSIBLE for the current condition you are in. They are the ones that should suffer from your STRIKE ACTION.

Ironically, they don’t. In the heat of the STRIKE ACTION, they go to the EXPENSIVE PRIVATE clinics, where you (The same Doctors on strike) take care of them with TENDER LOVING CARE. Meanwhile, their house-helps, drivers and other like them, will be turned away from Government hospitals because Doctors are on strike. I will really love to see you TURN GOVERNMENTOFFICIALS AWAY FROM BOTH GOVERNMENT AND PRIVATE HOSPITALS.

So my dear Doctors, let me see you do a TSA this time. Otherwise, those who will really suffer are those who respect you and support your call for better service conditions. Above all, they are those who have nothing to do with the poor conditions of service dished out to you by Government.

i remain, yours Truly

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