KSM interviews controversial Delay on Thank God It’s Friday

Controversial radio and television host, Deloris Frimpong Manso alias Delay was a guest on KSM’s Thank God Its Friday last Friday.

With Delay there is always something exciting to look out for. From being a radio presenter to television host and miniseries ( Afia Schwarzenegger) producer to an entrepreneur, Delay tells it all. 

Read excerpts below. 

KSM: You look sweet, you still visiting the gym?

DELAY: Yes, I used to be 90 now am 69-68. 

KSM: You go daily?

DELAY: Yes, apart from Sundays. It’s about feeling good in my skin, I am great when I feel light, you know I have goods and I have to control it.

KSM: How are things?

DELAY: Great, you know the pressure that comes with it but we are managing by God’s grace. I mean it’s the life we chose so we just have to live and take as it comes. I am just living my life. It been 6-7 years when you interviewed me, I was like 23-24 but am now 31. I am now an old woman. 

KSM: You ask very probing questions and that’s what people know about you? 

DELAY: Yes, it has to be refreshing, because we hear the same questions every time. You are refreshing so if I am looking up to someone like you I have to be refreshing too. The same questions have been asked over and over its now cliché. So what I am doing is breaking away from the stereotype presentation.

KSM: Then let me ask you refreshing questions. Your twitter handle is?

DELAY: @virgindelay…. 

KSM: Are you a virgin? 

DELAY: Come and try and see. (Laughs)

KSM: That’s why the media love you? What’s the most exciting headline you have seen about yourself? 

DELAY: I mean that’s their business and they have to sell their papers. Delay throws blows, Delay is a lesbian, I am not a lesbian, am into men, and Delay is pregnant. So let’s wait and see because pregnancy can’t hide forever. Delay dates Spanish Billionaire, money is good, they should keep on writing, I am here.

KSM: Do you ever respond to them?

DELAY: No I don’t, even when the Wanlov De Kuborlor thing came up, I never commented anywhere. I just have to keep quiet, when you say one thing people will twist it to suit themselves so the best thing is to keep quiet and let life happen. I think its life and I allow life to happen, I hate to interfere with its course. Humans will always be human beings and they will keep on talking.

KSM: What’s your principle in life? 

DELAY: Karma is always there and so when I do something bad to someone, it will come back one way or the other. So I try to be good to whoever I meet. I am not saying I’m a saint and I know no matter what, you might need the same person one way or the other. I just try to be a good person because Karma; she is one hell of an unforgiving woman.

KSM: When did you start having this spiritual outlook to life? 

DELAY: I think when you are growing you become stronger spiritually, like right now. Three days ago I went to the radio station to do my work, closed and came for an all-night, from 12 to 4am in the morning, went back on set and came back at midnight and came back to church in the morning and came back on set. So when I am free it’s either the gym or the church. Because what we are doing, I think it’s a spiritual world, people are watching us. Both good and bad spirits. So you need to put your spiritual life together so the physical would also be strong all the time. I am a very spiritual person and I am Christian. I don’t fornicate, I don’t do sinful things and it’s just based on principles. 

KSM: Are you dating?

DELAY: Why do you want to date me? [Laughs] That’s a deep question. I am not answering that question, but I have been talking to someone. I ping and he pings back. 

KSM: How did you get Wanlov to show his dingling mehn? 

DELAY: First of all, I didn’t show it on TV, like people said I did. It was censored. I am a professional, I have been in this media business for over fourteen years and I wouldn’t do that. It’s against the ethics. It was censored and unfortunately the rough cut leaked onto Youtube and then Facebook and became viral. So people who didn’t watch the show on TV concluded I showed it on TV. But as usual I just kept my cool, and knew the truth was going to vindicate me. So my show was taken off air for a month and two weeks and the truth finally set me free. My show came back on TV.

I am the presenter so whatever I want my guest to do I have to squeeze out of them, so if I’m like, ‘take the gun and kill yourself, you should kill yourself. I’m Delay, so you should whatever I want you to do.

And that thing really made me feel powerful, that I can tell someone to go naked and he did. So it means any question at all, I can have it answered. I had another interview with Ofori Amposah and the kind of things I pushed him to say, I am like wow. He was naked, he didn’t take off his cloths like Kuborlor but he was naked. I think that’s my strength and I have to utilize it.

KSM: Let’s talk about your weight lose?

DELAY: I use to weigh 90, I used to wear size 16 and I was going to 18 and I was not comfortable with that and feeling fat and so decided to hit the gym and diet at the same time. Now am like 69 down from 90. And Ghanaians are not used to the whole weight lost idea and so wonder if I am sick but it’s about feeling good and being able to wear the kind of things I want to wear. I think it feels good. I don’t eat sugar, milk, meat and yam. I would rather eat plantain and if I feel for rice I would take small portions.

And I cut down on all greasy foods, and it’s not like I don’t cheat, I cheat on Sundays where I eat all the things I crave and bounce back on Monday morning to normal dieting. 

KSM: Your TV Show Afia Schwaznegger is doing well, and you have other businesses…

DELAY: The Afia Schwaznegger is three years and counting and I started with one lady and she had to go, then another came to take up and had to go and I am now am auditioning for next Afia at Erata Hotel on August 31.

When I started nobody helped me but I want to use my platform to help other young girls whether you Ghanaian or not. And my mackerel is doing well.



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