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Kojo Antwi thrills Tamale fans

Kojo Antwi

Kojo Antwi

Anytime the music maestro, Kojo Antwi performs a show in Tamale, night life and indeed entertainment in the metropolis reaches a high level of excitement.

Patrons are usually  left craving for more songs from Mr. Music Man and that is exactly what happened last Saturday at the Radach Memorial Centre where Antwi performed as part of the second edition of the Savannah Fest programme sponsored by MTN.

It was meant to help foster social cohesion among residents of the north through entertainment.

Not until the music star mounted the stage, nobody could tell how well-prepared patrons were to dance their hearts out.

Prior to the entry of Antwi, local artistes like Umar Janda and Sule Bawa performed a few songs from their repertoire.

The thrill among the patrons was spontaneous as the music maestro sustained the happy mood of his fans with each song he sang.

Ladies could not help but to wriggle their waists vehemently to the rhythm  of the songs.

Some of the patrons  told  Graphic Showbiz  they wished more of such shows were organised regularly in the Tamale metropolis.

According to them,  Antwi’s’s music was a form of “therapy that banishes boredom.”

“His lyrics are carefully chosen and they are the best.  Infact , he knows what his fans want and he freely gives to them,” one of the fans remarked joyously.

In an interview with  Showbiz, Antwi thanked all those who attended the show and for the warm manner  they collectively responded to his performance.

He noted that Tamale would always remain one of his favourite places in this country because the fans respond so well to his music.

The MTN Savannah Fest in Tamale was organised by Suncity Multimedia.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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