Kojo Akoto Boateng’s first day at CITI FM

My first day at work: Citi 97.3 FM Today has been good. Not only because it’s my favorite day but because I began working at Citi FM, which has been a dream move. Moving from Kumasi to Accra was unplanned.

It happened in a flash but I must admit I’m glad it did. Most of you have expressed surprise that at I’ve been able to move from my beloved city, Kumasi, to the capital, Accra. I’m surprised too! I left home quite early and joined an ‘anaconda’ queue to circle around 6:15am. Around 6:35 I got on board a 207 Benz bus and the following 2 hours was something I want to forget.

Kojo Boateng

Kojo Akoto Boateng

Sandwiched between two sweaty guys all the way from Ashaley Botwe to circle wasn’t really a good start but the joy of getting to work kept me going. I got to work to meet an unhappy HR manager who wasn’t impressed by my coming late but she duly accepted my apology and the promise I made thereof to report early in future. Anita, the front desk executive, smiled when I entered.

I heard a shout like ‘Kojo, here you go hung o sake of Sister Akos no dey’. I felt at home already at number 11 Tettey loop. I got ushered into the events office to begin my first day at work. The first task is to help ensure the success of ‪#‎MOGO2013‬.

You should be there ‘cos the team has got everything covered. After running around for orientations I settled to do my bit to get the MOGO fever up. Soon it was lunch time and I was introduced to a fufu joint but I decided to settle for rice at a joint called ‪#‎Speechless‬. Their chicken was so good it made me speechless. I got back to the office to continue my day’s tasks.

Anyway, I met Sherifa Gunu earlier and she was later interviewed by Jessica on Brunch in the Citi. Her revelations awed me. Can you believe she, a Muslim, is married to a Christian? I think that’s awesome! Religion should be a catalyst for unity instead of animosity and she’s living that unifying life. Throughout the day I had my flask beside me filled with warm Lipton yellow label tea. I thanked God after each sip. He had brought me this far.

I was touched by the various messages and calls from you. You guys make love so real and I thank you all for your support. To all those of you who have played various roles in getting me here, God bless you. Kwame Gyan, thanks for believing in me so much.

For all those calls, encouragement and pointing me in the right directions the past 3 years, I am eternally grateful. Nana Damoah, you said it.

Citi is an environment awash with ideas and innovation. Don Emilio, akpe akpe akpe. Kwabena Takyi, putting a roof over my head all these weeks has been helpful, thank you. Kaakyire Amoako, even Sister Akos will envy your cooking. You’ve been an awesome friend, sister and hunger killer. Awura Abena Agyeman, wear Ghana got us here. It’ll get us further. You are a blessing! Nana KwasiSarpong, nnipa nnyɛ but nnipa bi yɛ.

Thanks for checking on me. I wish to mention all of you but Zuckerberg says he’ll personally call all of you to thank you. You’ve all played your bit to get me here. Thank you. For now, I’ll be in the events team till I find my feet in Accra.

Plans are also far advanced to consolidate the Accra Fufu Club powered by ‪#‎EnosKitchen‬. Even in Accra we shall make our dear fufu key in our daily lives. Keep listening to Citi 97.3 Mhz. Relevant Radio, Always.

There is goodness in all of us. There is greatness in you. Rise above hate. We shall make it together. Make I post this and put the phone in my pocket before they snatch it outta the trotro window. ‪#‎VIM‬!

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