KKD and Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson had sėx in two different positions

Its getting more interesting! This is another report from StarrFM.

There were two sėx positions involved in the KKD rape saga, StarrFMonline.com’s investigations have revealed.

StarrFMonline.com’s ferrets unearthed that the 19-year-old girl – victim and complainant – first sat on the 49-year-old Accused, Kwasi Kyei Darkwah when their penetrative sėxual bout started in the washroom of a suite at the African Regent Hotel on the night of Saturday December 27, 2014.

After the ‘girl-sitting-on top’ session ended, KKD then thrusted the teenage girl from behind.

Meanwhile, a motion on notice filed by KKD’s Lawyers on Wednesday December 31, 2014, of which StarrFMonline.com has a copy, said: “The complainant was captured by CCTV footage in the hotel romantically kissing the accused person before the alleged non-consensual sėxual incident, and most importantly, after the alleged rape was said to have occurred, the footage shows the accused and the complainant walking together from the hotel suite and through the hotel lobby in much the same manner as they entered the hotel suite.”

KKD has been in the custody of the Airport Police Command in Accra since he was arrested on Saturday December 27, 2014 after the alleged incident took place at the hotel, where according to the Prosecution, the Accused met the alleged victim and her cousin who were there to attend a fashion show that night.

The CEO of the Finest Productions insists the sėxual intercourse with Ewuraffe Orleans Thompson was consensual, but the alleged victim has also stuck to her grounds that the ace broadcaster forcibly had sėx with her.

KKD was denied bail by a District Magistrates Court on Tuesday December 30, 2014 when he appeared in court for the first time. His Lawyers, on Wednesday filed an application at the Human rights High Court to secure bail for their client.

That case is likely to be heard on January 7, 2014, just a day before KKD is billed to reappear before the Magistrates Court.

Source: StarrFMonline.comEffe, KKD and Effe's cuison_opt



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