Khareema To Host New TV Show

Khareemah Aguiar on set with GasmillaActress Khareema Aguiar has finally started shooting her first TV show, weeks after her love affair with a 22-year-old Canada-based Ghanaian midfielder, Gershon Koffie was ‘trumpeted’ in the media.

“I am in school now wanting to be a lawyer and my upcoming TV show is what I will like to talk about now. I will appreciate it if you talked about the show,” Khareema said, in an attempt to turn attention from her love life.

The new show dubbed, The Khareema World Show, introduces the actress into a new area of television, years after gracing the screens as an actress.

The concept and other vital details of the new show were not made public.

However, photos of the actress on set with musician Gasmilla as a guest indicated it is a talk show with a cooking segment.

Critics are raising questions about why she would not stick to acting. Interestingly, some actresses are gradually branching into TV reality programmes.

By Francis Addo

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