Keitta: Life After Big Brother

How’s life treating you nowadays?

Keitta: Life is good, man. I can’t lie. Things are moving on smoothly. Plans that were set in motion a while back are starting to produce results. I’m very grateful to God for how far He’s brought me. This show business is crazy but I’m accepting everything and taking it all in my stride.

In what way would you say your stint on Big Brother Africa changed your life?

Keitta: Well for starters, I’d say it got people to know me. Being exposed to the entire African continent is a big deal. I definitely got caught up in the whole “celeb” lifestyle. The reaction I get from people is truly amazing. Especially in other African countries like Nigeria and South Africa. At first I was a bit taken aback by the whole thing, but as time goes on I’m getting used to everything and it’s cool.

Before all this, you were pretty much a laid back character, and you never really craved for the spotlight. Would you say that has all changed now?

Keitta: I wouldn’t really say that because I still keep my circle small. Even though I go out there and meet so many people and I have to be nice and courteous, my true friends are still in my small circle. I’m still the indoors kind of guy, with my video games and stuff. The only thing that has really changed is that now people know who I am. I chose my career path so I have to deal with the popularity that comes with it. It’s all part of the package. BeingReggie Rockstones kid brother, I grew up seeing how his stardom affected him and those around him. So I knew what I was in for.


Eazzy and Keitta

Eazzy and Keitta

When you were in the Big Brother House, did you at any point regret your decision to take part?

Keitta: Not at all. Never. I needed that exposure for all these projects that I’m working on. “The end justify the means” as they say. I also enjoyed all of my stay in that house. No regrets whatsoever.

What would you say is the worst thing about being in the BBA House?

KeittaMan, you can’t have sex! As a man, you need to “let it all out”. (laughs) You need to be able to release the stress, and you can’t really do that in the house. You can try at your own risk, because the whole continent, including your close friends and family, will be watching you. Luckily it’s only for a few months or weeks, depending on how far you go in the game, so that’s not too bad. Obviously, you all start to miss home at some point. You miss your regular routines and stuff as well.

Your relationship with your girl Mildred aka “Eazzy“, came under quite a lot of scrutiny during your stay in the game. How has it affected your relationship?

Keitta: Well it was kind of wobbly, but I always try to keep things strong. If you believe in something, you have to do everything you can to make it work, despite all the obstacles. Every relationship has problems at some time or another. It’s even harder when you’re in the spotlight. But whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. We went through our ups and downs and we’re still together, and I can say our bond is tighter than ever.

The new season of BBA has just started. What are your thoughts on the show as a whole?

Keitta: Before I went to BBA, I hadn’t really watched it. But I will definitely be glued to this season. It’s interesting for me now as a viewer who’s been there and knows what it’s like. From when I came back from the house until right now, I still haven’t seen myself in the house. I have not watched a single episode. I think it’s kind of vain for me to watch myself on TV so I don’t. I’m just not that kind of guy. I wish our representatives lots of luck though, because it’s really time for Ghana to win.

What would you say to other people who might want to go for auditions next year and hope to be part of BBA?

Keitta: Well I’ll say it’s a risk. You might go in there and do well or you might flop. It’s when you come out that everything hits you. While you are in the house, you’re completely unaware. Sometimes you even forget that the cameras are there filming you. The longer you stay in the house, the more detached from reality you become. When you come out, there’s a whirlwind of events, appearances and attention that hits you and it can be very overwhelming at times. But you need to comport yourself. I know it’s all entertainment, but our lifestyles need to be on point as Africans. As much as people say they’ll just “be themselves” when they go in, once you’re in the house, a lot can change. The key is to try to keep it as real as possible despite all the distractions. When you get out, you also need to capitalize on the platform you’ve been given.

Would you say that you capitalized on the opportunity you were given?

Keitta: Yeah, I’d say so. I’ve got quite a few modeling gigs. I just finished a movie which I’m excited about. It’s my first movie and even though I’m not really an actor, I love to try new things. I’m working on opening up my own production house, where we’ll be producing everything from music videos to commercials.

How’s your relationship with your brother Reggie Rockstone?

Keitta: We’re cool. It’s great. Sometimes it’s all about tough love, but I know I can always count on him for anything because he’s got my back. He’s just opened the newly renovated Rockstone’s Office and I’m very proud of all he’s accomplished. He says he’s proud of me too. (laughs)

A message to your fans?

Keitta: Shout out to Team Keitta and all those who have supported me all this time. Let’s keep the unity and peace we’re enjoying because that’s what it’s all about. I love you all. God bless.

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