KB Empire Record Label Is For Underground Artistes – CEO Kwabena Boateng

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of KB Empire record label, Kwabena Boateng, has called on ‘underground artistes’ in the music industry to keep their calm as he established his record label to help them.

Kwabena Boateng in an interview with Adom Entertainment News said his record label is here to “feed the music industry with great talents that have been ignored for long”.

“My label is aimed at selling African music beyond its shores and also give equal opportunity to the young artistes who have been relegated to the background,” he said.

To keep to the mission, KB Empire has signed on Ghana based Nigerian artiste, Iyk Wonder, who is currently promoting his African Light song.

He has also signed on local artiste, Afiba who recently released a new single, ‘Nobody knows’.

The record label, established in 2015 is not just ready to unearth artistes but groom them to become competitive in an industry that boasts of many unique talents.

“My record label believes in dynamism and that is what we will look out for in artistes we would sign on our label. You must have the wow factor and appeal to people from diverse backgrounds and that would set us apart from the others,” he stated.

Currently, the KB Empire is doing promotions on the songs released by their artiste, Iyk Wonder and Afiba.

He hopes to help bring to an end, the age-old lamentations of ‘underground artistes’ about their talents going waste because they don’t have a record label to handle their music business.

This trend has been a “headache” for the music industry particularly when it contributes to the “premature deaths” of many young talents who lost the opportunity to blossom because there was no help.

Such artistes can heave a sigh of relief with the presence of KB Empire Records which has mission to nurture young talents for the music industry.

Kwabena Boateng

Kwabena Boateng


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