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ALL THE PHOTOS: Kasapreko Company Limited celebrates MUSIGA’s successful Elections

On Thursdays November 12, 2015, alcoholic beverage manufactures Kasapreko Company Limited organized a cocktail reception at the Oak Plaza Hotel to congratulate the Musicians of Ghana (MUSIGA) for successful elections in October which saw Bice Osei Kufour re-elected for another 4 years.

The fun event was attended by Bice Osei Kufuor, popularly known as Obour, Bessa Simons, Thomas Harry Yawson, Ras Caleb Appiah, Chizzy Nii Adu, Deborah Freeman, AB Crensil, Ben Brako, Paulina Oduro, Tagoe Sisters, Samini, Tic Tac, Appiah Dankwa known as Appietus, Akoo Nana, Kwaw Kese, Philipa Baafi, Abeiku Santana, Celestine Donkoh, Dela Hayes among others.

The Chief Executive Officer of Kasapreko, Dr Kwabena Adjei said it was important that, MUSIGA is celebrated for the successful elections and that the event was to appreciate them.

He advised other corporate bodies to emulate them in appreciating and congratulating MUSIGA.

According to MUSIGA President Obour, his second term in office will see many developments and projects with the help with corporate bodies such as Kasapreko and other brands.

The event turned into a mini concert with great performances from Tagoe Sisters, Paulina Oduro, A.B Crentsil, Tic Tac, Ben Brako, Samini, Philipa Baafi, Celestine Donkoh, Bessa Simons, Thomas Harry Yawson, Ras Caleb Appiah, Chizzy Nii Adu and Obour.


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