Kalyppo selfie! Solider in trouble for taking part in #KalyppoChallenge

A young Ghanaian soldier is in trouble for taking part in the Kalyppo Challenge. He is being investigated by the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF).

Speaking to ClassFMonline.com, Public Affairs Director of the GAF, Col Aggrey Quarshie explained that the soldier in question is being investigated because “if you are a military person and you use military property to do anything without authorisation, you could be sanctioned …”

Asked how the military would respond to possible criticism that the soldier is being hounded by the GAF due to the political undertone of the selfie, Lt Col Eric Aggrey-Quashie responded: “Why will we want to victimise a colleague soldier, for what reason?”

“I’m sure what people are not understanding is that if it’s true that he did that, we are going into election, we are going to perform duties, if, for instance, a different party’s supporters have seen you done this and then you are part of a team going to provide security in where that opposing party is operating, how will they see you? If you are supposed to check them, how will they take it? You see that you bring the whole institution into disrepute and also risk the life of your colleagues,” he explained.

He said if found culpable after investigations, “there are so many sanctions” that could be applied against him.

#Kalyselfies became fashionable and trendy after a picture of opposition flag bearer Nana Akufo-Addo sipping the fruit juice went viral on social media.kalyppo-sodier

This story was picked from Accrafm

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