Kaakie says I can’t bonk Samini


Ghana’s hottest female artiste in the Reggae and Dancehall genre is 21-year-old Kaakie. The music video for her mega hit track, ‘Too Much’, is the newest music video causing a stir in Ghana now and she earned two nominations in this year’s Ghana Music Awards.

Kaakie was nominated for New Artiste Of The Year and the Best Reggae/Dancehall Song Of The Year with her song ‘Toffee Pon Tongue’ (Obolo Bolo).

Kaakie spoke exclusively to NEWS-ONE about her music, schooling, love and sex life, Scripture Union links and her new image:

NEWS-ONE: Congrats for earning two nominations as a fresh artiste. Which of them are you getting?

Kaakie: Thanks. I hope and pray and believe I would grab both the Best New Artiste of the Year and the Best Dancehall/Reggae Song of the Year.  So help me God in Jesus name, Amen.

NEWS-ONE: You sound religious. Are you a Christian?

Kaakie: Yes.


Kaakie: Ah! Why how? Just like the way someone is a Muslim or something else, Kaakie is a Christian and you are there asking me how? Aren’t you a Christian?

NEWS-ONE: I hear you were in the Scripture Union at Achimota School praying in tongues and all that.

Kaakie: So many of us were in the Scripture Union.


Kaakie: Like Irene Logan, like Efya, like several others.

NEWS-ONE: Shocking! What were you three doing there of all the places in the world?

Kaakie: Of course we were doing what people do in the Scripture Union. We were singing praises and worship and praying and listening to scripture and all that.  It was like chapel.

NEWS-ONE: Let’s come home to your new hot video, ‘Too Much’.

Kaakie: Basically it is just focusing on my new image, my branding, my face, and let Ghanaians know the face Kaakie. To let the fans know I’m not just a studio girl or something but I am a musician in full swing action from studio to radio to stage to TV and all that. So they know the face behind the songs they love most so we get closer. The video shows a sexy looking Kaakie, as well as my hard and soft sides. We are currently working on other videos for my songs. Stay tuned for the video for ‘Body Flame’, ‘Toffee Pon Tongue’, ‘DC Turn Up’, ‘Radio’ and the rest.

NEWS-ONE: Are you a nurse?

Kaakie: I’m a student nurse at the university. And God willing, I will be a nurse very soon. Nursing is a foundation to build on; I would use it to build myself. I would specialize in midwifery and I’ve got just a year to go.  And from the look on your face, I know you are wondering if it distracts my music career and the answer is no.

NEWS-ONE: Tell me about your project?

Kaakie: I’m looking at maternal mortality and morbidity because…

NEWS-ONE: Kaakie take it easy; speak English and stop talking like a nurse.

Kaakie: Hahahaha. Ok I m talking about embarking on a project to look at the rate at which our mothers  get sick and even die out of pregnancy related issues or child birth or anything connected to it. I’m also looking at helping babies grow, survive etc. and all that.

NEWS-ONE: Why do you deserve New Artiste of the year?

Kaakie: I believe hard work and quality productivity deserves recommendation and encouragement. I see this as recognition, appreciation and an encouragement of my efforts and hard work in the music industry. I have not rested and I have remained dedicated to this and combined it so well with school. I believe I have more than four mega hit songs doing very well out there and even outside Ghana. I believe I have the following and a promising future. I believe I deserve the award and would be the first female musician to pick it up.  No female has ever taken that award.

NEWS-ONE: You are a shy person

Kaakie: I’m not a shy person.

NEWS-ONE: People say you are shy

Kaakie: I don’t look shy and I’m not shy. I can be very very crazy it’s just that sometimes I’m not sure of the environment and I want to be sure before I break loose.

NEWS-ONE: When are you breaking loose?

Kaakie: I’ve already broken loose as you can now see? This year, you would see a highly fashionable, out-spoken and crazy artiste in me.

NEWS-ONE: You are dating Samini.

Kaakie: I’ve heard that so many times and some even say we are having an affair.

NEWS-ONE: Of course, how can you date Samini without him bonking you?

Kaakie: Hahahahahahaha. Am I dating Samini? No. Have I dated Samini? No. Would I date Samini? Why should I?

Samini is my father and he is guiding me in this dancehall thing. Would you date your father or mother?

NEWS-ONE: Well, biological parents, no. All others, it’s possible if they are sexy enough.

Kaakie: Hahahahaha. You can’t be serious! Well Samini is sexy and he is very nice but I m not watching him with that kind of eyes.

NEWS-ONE: Ok. So who are you dating?

Kaakie: Who am I dating? So so painful enough, I am so so so single?

NEWS-ONE: Why is it painful to be single?

Kaakie: Awwwww! Look at me. I did not get anything for Val’s Day. Do you think if I am single I would be gnashing? I would not have been gnashing. I am single.

NEWS-ONE: And available?

Kaakie: No I won’t say I’m available because sometimes when you say you are available, you have some weird characters coming on to you because you said you are available. I’m not searching. But I’m single.

NEWS-ONE: Ok. So are you considering proposals?

Kaakie: Not considering. If you are searching and you come, I would either say yes or no.

If I was considering that is when I would say ok, let me go think of it and all that.

And there have been a lot of no answers. I don’t like considering because it is like you are compromising.

NEWS-ONE: Your real name is…

Kaakie: Grace is my Christian name, Kaki Awo  is my middle name and Ocansey is my father’s name.

NEWS-ONE: Anything you want to tell your fans?

Kaakie: That I love them soo much and honestly from the depth of my heart, I want to thank everybody out there; everybody who supported me, all the persons helping me from behind; and all the persons who criticized me constructively with a genuine intent.

I can say with all honesty that the criticisms have built me and when fans talk about my performances, I take them serious because they matter to me.

Unfortunately, there is no show around the corner for them to testify.

But they should just cross their fingers and wait for my next show.

They would testify the change in me. God bless you all. I love all of you out there. Cheers.

Source: NewsOne

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