K K Fosu eyes football

K K FosuKeen followers of highlifer K.K. Fosu, who have been waiting eagerly for the past four years to savour something new from their music idol may have to wait a bit more longer because the man has found a new love – football.

KK Fosu whose songs such as, Six o’clock, Sudwe, Kyere Me, Anadwo Ye De and Number One used to ride the popularity waves, is now the manager of Stars FC, a second division football team at Mamprobi in Accra.

He told Showbiz: “I have not entirely forgotten about music but for now I want to focus on my football team, something I have always dreamt of doing”.

K.K. Fosu’s wish to become a football manager, he said, came alive when one footballer cousin of his wanted help from a coach  which did not materialise.

“My cousin was a very good footballer but it was difficult getting a team for him, so I took the opportunity to establish a football team myself”. KK Fosu told Showbiz.

Although he admitted that managing a team is not  that easy, he said he was very determined to take his team as far as he could. “It is my prayer that in the near future, players from my team will start playing for the Black Stars of Ghana. They are very good and I wish them the best.”

Talking about some of the challenges of a football manager,  K.K Fosu said that  taking care of 35 players in a team  is a very difficult task. Again, some of the players put up bad behaviours that  sometimes  discourage him.

About his music career, KK Fosu who has four albums to his credit said that work on his next album,  Meho Asem, is quite advanced and will hit the market soon..

Asked about his general impression of the current music scene, K.K. Fosu said that, musicians should do something different than riding on the back of the popular azonto beat which has become the routine for most musicians.

He said “I believe we have great musicians in this country but it looks like everyone else is moving into the azonto rhythm which to me is not too good”.

Source: Graphic Showbiz

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