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Juliet Ibrahim in Amsterdam for the International Kidney Cancer Coalition Conference

Juliet Ibrahim

Juliet Ibrahim

By GhanaGist.Com 

Actress/Musician and founder of the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation, Juliet Ibrahim is currently in Amsterdam, Netherlands to attend the 4th International Kidney Cancer Coalition Conference (IKCC). She left with her sister, Sonia Ibrahim and the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation team.

The event kicks off on Thursdays April 3, 2014 and expected to end on Saturday April 5, 2014. This is the third time that the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation is gracing the event.

The 4th International Kidney Cancer Coalition Conference offered representatives from patient groups around the world, the opportunity to share best practices, exchange experiences and work together to improve the lives of kidney cancer patients.

And putting into practice, as done in the past, the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation (nonprofit/nonpartisan organization) will focus on creating awareness on kidney cancer and providing necessary interventions to ensure a society free of such issues in Ghana and Africa at large.

Having seen the rapport between Canada’s rep, @DebMaskensKCC on twitter, we won’t be surprise to see reps from other countries in Ghana to support the Juliet Ibrahim Foundation.

“Check your kidneys regularly, go to your doctor today and ask to run a test! If you smoke, please try and quit to avoid kidney or lung cancer! If ever you happen to see blood in your urine, please see your doctor immediately! An early detection will save your life,” a piece of advise from the award winning actress.

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