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Juliet Ibrahim: I don’t have tattoo on my body

Top Ghanaian actress of Lebanese and Liberian descent, Juliet Ibrahim Safo, has denied having any tattoo on her body, although recent photographs of her show she has a black star tattoo on her right foot.

The said photo has gone viral on social media and captures the actress in a rather sensual pose.

NEWS-ONE reached Juliet’s handlers to make inquiries over the photos but her team said the actress does not have, has not had and would not have any body tattoo.

They suggested the tattoo photo might have been photoshopped and that this was not the first time her face or image was being edited to misrepresent who she was.

She is currently working on a release date for the first movie she ever produced, ‘Number 1 Fan’.

Juliet Ibrahim appeared on the cover of an April 2013 issue of the Nigerian Forbes magazine and when asked where she sees herself fifteen years from now, she gave a number of projections including her being listed in Forbes’ list of Influential African Women.

Juliet Ibrahim Safo

Juliet Ibrahim Safo

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