Juliet Bawuah Hosts Football Planet On Euronews’ Africanews

Former TV3 Sports Journalist Juliet Bawuah is leading Africanews’ coverage of sports on the continent.

The news channel, a sister of Europe’s biggest television network Euronews went live last week. The first edition of its football-heavy show Football Planet premiered on Monday April 25.

Last week’s launch saw Bawuah and her colleagues at the posh Africanews studious in Pointe Noire, Congo, begin the journey to another exciting Pan-African television story. The Africanews story is being told by some 80 professionals drawn from over 15 African countries of Egnlish and French background.

Africanews says Football Planet will run bi-weekly sports and would showcase “football events across Africa and Europe with results, highlights and discussions with professionals and fans of the sport.”

It added “Steered by the lady who covers sports in heels: as she describes herself, Ghanaian Juliet Bawuah is looking to get into the hearts and minds of every football lover in every home on the continent to offer big name interviews, scoops and expert analyses of games.”

Bawuah, an experienced African sports journalism head, is excited at the opportunity to host the show.

“With the great team of professionals working behind the scenes, it is an opportunity for me to host the show and make it a reference point for everything football, in and out of the continent.

“We are not going to leave the fans out because this show is going to be about them as it was specially created to be a market leader when it comes to football on the continent. Football Planet is going to be around for as long as the average football fan supports it.”Juliet Bawuah

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