Joyce Aryee and Albert Ocran take on The Challengers as Board Members for Season 6

As it has been proven since its inception some six years ago, the Challenge reality show is different from the reality shows you are used to. It’s purely a battle of brains and viewers are treated to 100% unadulterated edutainment (education that entertains).

Each season comes with an addition that builds up on the previous season. This season, the challengers have two seasoned board members. If there are any two names that command respect in corporate Ghana, it is the two board members of the Challenge season 6.

Board members of companies are responsible for formulating policies and they generally oversee the strategic direction of the company. They are there to ensure that the company stays on the right path to progress and success.

This is why Madam Joyce Aryee and Albert Ocran have joined the challenge as board members. What better pair to ensure that our challengers are properly groomed than two of Ghana’s most respected business people, Madam Joyce Aryee and Mr. Albert Ocran?

The challengers are certainly privileged to have two of Ghana’s finest business brains providing them with direction. The pair are noted for their dedication to excellence, and that is exactly what the challenge brand has projected since season one.

The temperature in the challenge pressure room has just been turned up. Madam Joyce Aryee who is seen as a role model for most young women is well known for her attention to detail, diligence and her expectation of nothing but the best. Do not be fooled by her soft spoken nature, she will not be afraid to crack the whip when she needs to.

She does not compromise of excellence; since she joined the challenge board she has cracked the whip on Okoe from M2Rok and George from the archers after the film task.

On his part, Albert Ocran is noted for his unflinching stands on discipline and his passion for challenging people to reach their full potential. He is also not afraid to crack the whip on those who he thinks can do better but did not, he has sent two Tyyga members (Gladys and Theo) parking after their sales task.

If you thought the challengers had showcased their best, be prepared for more as the battle of wit and intelligence takes a whole new dimension with the two board members in charge. They have exactly what it takes to bring out qualities the challengers themselves never knew they had. Just as gold has to be put through fire to be refined, the challengers will be grilled by Gh’s finest business brains to make them better.

Make a date with the challengers and the board members this and every Sunday at 5pm on Afrostar TV, 6pm on GHOne, 6.30on ETv, 8 pm on Viasat One, 9pm on Homebase TV and on Capital TV.

The Challenge Season 6 is a British Council Ghana initiative produced by GHOne TV with support from the Robert Gordon University, the University of Northumbria, the University of Salford, Vitamilk, the Universal Merchant Bank and proudly sponsored by TIGO.

Joyce Aryee

Joyce Aryee

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