Joselyn Dumas, Juliet Ibrahim, Becca, Kalu Ikeagwu, Soraya Mensah, others for “Stars In Worship”, December 6

For a movie and a music star to stay relevant in the entertainment industry, one is required to have a certain bad girl or boy attitude.

An often-held view by many, playing bad boy or girl surely does help if one is to enjoy some across board ‘respect’ amongst his/her peers.

Though not a style many may adopt, others, too, fancy it and as such are tempted to live wild – including engaging in vices – to become relevant.

These vices are but not limited to womanizing, drug use, and prostitution.  Often, they have very little or no time for the inner spiritual self. In comes, a Christian worship programme dubbed “Stars in Worship”.

Slated for Saturday December 6, 2014 at the HOM auditorium at Madina Estates in Accra, “Stars In Worship” will be an assembly of some of the known faces in the arts and entertainment industry from Ghana and Nigeria, for a one-night-only self-edification spiritual exercise.

Organizers say it will be activity filled. According to Soraya Mensah, an actress, whose SSA Ventures is putting the event together in conjunction with HOM it is all about changing the narrative.

“We are trying to give out a positive message about us because there are too much negative activities around us. People copy us blindly, they assume so many negative things that we are involved in and we need to show that, yes we do have God as part of our lives as we have time and we go all out to worship Him” she told GhanaGist.Com.

“I know quite a few artistes who play activities in their churches and I believe that if opportunities are given to them, they will be able to do more. I have the privilege of being in my church as a worker. I sing in my church. I do a lot of things in my church. I have been doing well at it and I’m enjoying doing it and that’s where the inspiration came from,” she continued.

The stars confirmed for the event include; Nadia Buari, Van Vicker, Naa Ashorkor, Juliet Ibrahim, Joselyn Dumas, Tagoe Sisters, Cwesi Oteng, Joe Mettle, KOD, Trigmatic, D-Black, Willie and Mike, Becca, Tinny, Jupiter, James Gardner, Bismark The Joke, Kalu Ikeagwu, Klint De Drunk, MC Abbey and others.

Soraya Mensah singing at church

Soraya Mensah singing at church

Each of them is expected to participate in an activity ranging from drama, singing, spoken words on the night. Some will also be playing the drums, do ushering, do everything that is done in the church all in the name to worship God.

“I have a lot of people coming to the church and see me sing, they are like wow? Like they don’t expect that from me, they just don’t expect that, I inspire people, so as me as one person the impact on the people … people come to the church because of that and they want to believe that, you can actually be doing this (acting and doing music) and still love God and still do the work of God and not what they think it is.

Soraya also mentioned that, when she sold the idea to the stars, “they were all excited to be part of it. They are going all out to make this program a success.”

Commenting on what she wants to achieve with the event, she said, “What I really want to achieve is for us to be able to reflect a different side of us that people haven’t seen and to inspire people who have us as role models. That’s why we are going all out to do rehearsals because depending on how serious we project ourselves is our people will take us serious.”

“Stars In Worship, is organised under the theme “You Are Too Needed To Be Wasted.”

By GhanaGist.Com

Stars In Worship


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