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Jon Germain rocks Big Brother House

Jon Germain

Jon Germain

Ghanaian presenter turned musician, Jon Germain’s song was the ‘ish’ in the Big Brother (The Chase) house last week, when housemates went encore for his song titled, “In My head.”

The song was played in one of the two Big Brother houses and housemates wanted it on repeat, though they didn’t know the singer and were hearing the song for the first time. They fell in love with the lyrics perhaps.

For about three different days, some of them requested for the song to be played, saying; “Biggie we want to hear ‘In My Head.” Prior to that, some of the housemates sang alone when the song was first played.

Subsequently, there were tweets about the song from people in South Africa, Angola, Zambia and other countries. The same week, Elikem, one of the Ghanaian reps in the Big Brother house, also tried to lead some of the housemates into dancing Azonto, the current Ghanaian dance that has gained world attention.

Currently, different things are happening in the Big Brother (The Chase) house as the game gets more interesting by the day.

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