John Dumelo & Harrina are bird of a feather?

John Dumelo & Harrina

John Dumelo & Harrina

Before we start reading this piece, we hope to make it known that it is a federal (in USA) offense to have a fictitious marriage for immigration purposes. Also it should be clear that someone may be sent to the hospital to be treated if this whole drama turns out to be a case of one party suffering from ‘amnesia’.

For the sake of our readers, amnesia is the loss of memory or an inability to recall information that is stored in memory. The causes of amnesia may include brain damage through injury, or the use of specific drugs – usually sedative drugs.

This whole John Dumelo and Harrina can’t be shroud aside, not after we have read, seen footages of one Nigerian actor who skimmed women, marries them and that has been his motto until he was caught on his wedding day. So if John Dumelo has been allegedly accused of a similar act, then should we look at it through the prism of pessimism?

And as it stands with some information reaching us, our dear Ghanaian superstar actor may be question for deception according to laws of USA; as well as Harrina may pay dearly for putting up all this trick. Though it is too early to judge as the case may be farfetched from who is telling the truth or who is lying. But not when we have started hearing names of other ladies (like Fatima, Khareema, Bridgette in Australia et al) who have allegedly falling victims to the whims and caprices of the charming actor.

But with Harrina Alexander’s case coming to bare, whether the law will take its course or not, that’s left for us to see after the divorce paper which she has filed for has been signed which will warrant both parties to be present.

We reported recently that the two were joined as husband and wife under the signature of one Carla F. Ward, and to that effect we shall be dishing the full details from Carla’s view as soon as we get them first hand.

We shall also be bringing to the public the account of one Ms. Tina (apparently that’s the only family member of John that Harrina knows) who lives in New York. Her name came into the frame as the cousin to John Dumelo.

Among the details, we shall be dishing the full account of John Dumelo’s recent girlfriend (name withheld for now) who lives in Houston Texas. She is of a Nigerian decent. Her family is already enthusiast of her forth coming wedding.

As it stands now, Harrina is beginning to cry foul of threats on her life from a man she says took advantage of her love, thus, leading to her demanding that their (John & Harrina) private meeting last week Friday be a public one.

So their meeting last week was in front of the movie theater in Rock Field, Maryland. For security sake?

With John Dumelo being innocent or not in this entire hullabaloo, it’s just our own way to create a setting for an average interactive discourse on issues that affect ‘celebrities’, thus, it must be taken serious.

With Harrina Alexander, as it stands, this whole issue is still depends on her to be bold, come out and prove beyond reasonable doubt that this is a case of ‘fraud’ which she is a victim or come out and tell the world that she is perfectly sound and no one is suffering from ‘amnesia’ in this whole drama.

One thing stands clear, he who alleges must prove, as well as all these unfold, we shall keep the public updated on the ‘business’ between John Dumelo and Harrina Alexander with our eyes open knowing that no one goes into business with the aim of going bankrupt.

Photos speak

Their marriage certificate Johndumewahala2

The last telephone message on Whatsapp Harrina had with John Johndumeloshot Johndumelofone1

Signature of Carla F. Ward showing that she approved the union Johndumelocarla

The only picture both have together Johndumeloharribabe

Harrina’s Facebook note


Source: Victor Adebayor

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