John Dumelo denies picking Shirley Frimpong-Manso over Leila Djansi

John Dumelo

John Dumelo

Actor John Dumelo, has criticized a section of the Ghanaian media for trying to create rivalry between Shirley and Leila by twisting and reading meanings into a statement he made about Shirley Frimpong-Manso’s new film movie, ‘Love Or Something Like That.’

Just after the premiere of the movie, ‘Love Or Something Like That’ at the National Theatre last week which was heavily-attended by many including Hon. Oye Lithur and other dignitaries, John Dumelo made a categorical statement saying, “There is Hollywood, there is Bollywood and then there is Shirley Frimpong-Manso making Africa proud.”

According to him, after making that statement, a section of the media have decided to twist the statement and turn it round to make it look as if he has endorsed Shirley over Leila Djansi. He added that, the statement he made after the showing of the movie has nothing do with endorsing a particular filmmaker over the other.

“If I shoot a movie for any production house or any director and it’s a good film, I say it with confidence. My statement has nothing to do with endorsing any filmmaker over the other,” John explained.

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“How many times haven’t I praised filmmakers doing great jobs in Africa? So, if I praise someone and the media decides to compare it to a particular personality to suit their medium, I will just reserve my comments,” John added.

He stated that in 2013, when he first won his first major award at the 2013 Ghana Movie Awards for his performance in Leila Djansi’s film ‘Northern Affairs ’ which also starred Jocelyn Dumas: he professed that Leila is a great director and a great filmmaker.

He also said that the media is doing their work and he don’t have any problem with that, but, but it sounds confusing when his words are misconstrued.

As to who’s superior between the two female filmmakers, John Dumelo said they are all doing quality movies and that he’s not in any position to tell Ghanaians who’s superior and who’s not. He advised that, the media try not to use their platforms to fuel rivalry which does not exist.

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