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Jim Iyke allegedly in pregnancy debacle with university student

Jim Iyke allegedly in pregnancy debacle with university studentBaseless reports making rounds has it that the actor who recently got his deliverance from pastor T B Joshua may be an expectant father.

This stems from the daughter of a rich Lagos based man who is claiming that her current pregnancy is Jim Iyke’s. She further claims that Jim Iyke disguised himself as a repair man to get entry into their home and was collected $10,000 for services provided.

This is both intriguing and funny. Son in order to try and make a false claim, she apparently concocted the story about the home repairs as the avenue through which Jim gained entry into their home, and she can further use that to claim that Jim Iyke took advantage of her during the time he was working in the house.

We have seen in the last year how the prominence of Nollywood has led to celebrities being invited all over the world to visit presidents and meet other distinguished personalities. So if Jim Iyke wanted to visit their home, he surely wouldn’t disguise himself, would he?

If she claims that he is her baby daddy, why did she provide further proof to that assertion? Why not outrightly demand with authority that she wants a DNA test carried out to proof paternity? By the way, does she even know Jim Iyke in person?

This is completely baseless by unknown individuals with an agenda against Jim Iyke as Nadia Buari rightly mentioned when she was asked about the rumors;

“The girl was paid to tarnish Jim Iyke.”

So why does she seek to destroy the reputation that Jim Iyke has worked hard to earn over the years isn’t of concentrating on her university education? Is it because he has turned a new leaf and is now a new person? What do you think?

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