Jidenna’s 5 Tips To Be A Classic Man

Gentlemen, listen up! TheClassic Man himself has shared some tips with us on how you can up your game.

International muso Jidenna, who is in South Africa to promote his upcoming album Long Live the Chief, is known for his unique sense of style. Chatting to The Juice on Tuesday, the star shared 5 tips on how any guy can be turned into a #ClassicMan.



Tip #1: It’s not just about fashion

“Don’t worry about the fashion first.”

Tip #2: It starts with you

“Find the power, dignity and value in yourself.”

Tip #3: It’s all about the detail 

“Pay close attention to details in everything in life – the things you say, your thoughts. It can be the presentation of your words, but it can end up the presentation of your dress as well.”

Tip #4: Be timeless 

“Know that not everything that’s cool now will be cool forever. So focus on being timely and timeless.”

Tip #5: Honour women 

“Recognise that you can never be a classic man without classic women. I believe that this is a time when there are few men of honour that exist in the world. It’s hard for me to befriend many men because we’ve lost valour. But women, I find so many women now of honour. So to honour women to me is to be a strong man. To dishonour women is to be a weak boy.”

The Juice 

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