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Jackie Appiah & Adjetey Annan ridiculed on set

Jackie Appiah & Adjetey AnnanSometimes when you sit in the comfort zone and watch a movie, you see the celebrities smiling before the cameras and granting interviews, one will never recognize or appreciate the efforts put in by them. They all deserve the praise.

A whole lot goes into a successful movie and what goes on behind the scenes are very important. From what the actors and actresses eat and drink, where they sleep, where they change their costumes etc.

But on this fateful day, our focus is on the disdainful scene we came across on the Venus Films set at the A&C Shopping Mall at East Legon, where two known stars-Jackie Appiah and Adjetey Annan were caught using the car park as their own changing room.

For Adjetey Annan who didn’t see anything wrong said it was “Asaba style” as called in Nigeria. He went on to justify his act that such occurs everywhere in the world.

For Jackie Appiah who recently emerged as the best actress at the Africa Magic Viewer’s Awards choice in Lagos did not condescend too low as a woman but tried to maintain a little bit of privacy by changing in the car.

Imagine the stress and humiliation these two had to pass through all because Venus Films couldn’t provide a common mobile truck which could house the bathrooms, changing rooms, and also double as offices for crew members.

A lot more needs to be done to help our movie industry behave professionally because it is not wise to premier a movie at the Silverbird cinemas, creating the impression that it was of high standard when the actors were totally ridiculed on set.

See the car pack that was used as changing room after the jump Carparkscene


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