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Iyk Wonder Set To Appreciate DJs In His New Single “Mr DJ” With Torgbe

Disc Jockeys (DJs) contributes a lot to the success or otherwise of a musician’s career. When a song is released, it is the DJ that plays it for the public to listen and enjoy it.

With that in mind, a song is about to be released to say thank you and also show appreciation to the DJs who occasionally play songs from musicians that they are yet to meet.

Ghana- based-Nigerian musician, Iyk Wonder who has described Ghana as a “fortune ground” for many Nigerian artistes is set to release “Mr DJ” from the stables of KB Empire Entertainment, the same label that houses the singer, Afiba.

“Mr DJ” produced by Mix Masta Garzy and featured one of the hardworking Ewe rappers, Torgbe, third winner of the MTN Hitmaker reality show drops on August 19, 2016.

Commenting on the song, Iyk said, Mr DJ “is a song we did to appreciate the DJs all over the world that are doing great job to support Iyk Wonders works even without knowing them personally. We are giving them back our little appreciation back since we can’t pay them.”

Iyk Wonder Mr DJ

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