#itsbreezyinGH $1m for Chris Brown… misplaced priority?


The Hope City Launch Concert proudly powered by rLG, will today see Chris Brown rock the podium of the Ohene Gyan Sports Stadium in Accra.

It’s also not news that Chris will be breezing away nothing less than a whopping $1m to perform, thus, sharing the stage with GH stars namely: R2Bees, D-Black, Efya, Samini and Sherifa Gunu, who invariably will be crawling away with ‘peanuts’.

In recent times, our industry financiers have come under serious attacks and criticisms by both friends and foes for their uncanny style of how they treat our stars here in Ghana.

But they have shown time without number that they will not easily succumb to the pains and pangs of the people who keep wailing. After all, it is their money.

Permit us to raise the issue between our neighbors in the other West Africa country (Nigeria) and our stars back here; we pay them better compared to our own just as the last ‘Top of the World’ event which was held at the Independence Square.

P-Square, according to reports, was paid a whopping sum of $300, 000 to the detriment of our stars bagging home ‘peanuts’.

When R2Bees cried foul, they were ridiculed and called names, yet a certain Samini reportedly went in their stead and perform. Where is the unity and principles?

On today’s platform R2Bees and Samini will be performing, only God knows how much they will be churning home, certainly it will be Chris Brown’s breakfast fee. Take it or leave it!

Now in that respect, we shall post some reactions to you from our comment box on the news KSM unhappy with Chris Brown’s $1 million fee, what the fans had to say (unedited) when they heard of the amount that Breezy will be breezing away. Enjoy.

#This whole money is coming from political coffers trust me. Million are waiting for a night show with Chris Brown but our lights still go off all day and night…go to Korle-Bu and see how poor people are sick and dying because of bad facilities.

#This is the problem we have as a nation. We never cherish our own and project them into limelight. The notion that anything Western is good is trash.

#… We’re too quick to accept anything without questions. How big is rLG? Apart from their presence in the media what else is known of them? Is rLG really into serious ICT issues?

#…We should learn to conserve the little money that we have, we shouldn’t think by eating from the same bowl as that of the western countries we’re the same. Mind you Ghana is a very poor country including its citizenry.

Albeit, tonight as the show goes on and our stars mount the podium to perform and warm the grounds for Chris Brown, we must be blunt to ourselves knowing that we are not poor because we lack natural resources or because nature is cruel to us; but we are poor and will remain poor because we lack attitude.

Source: Ghanaweb

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