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It Was A Love And Music Affair At “Endless Love”

Last Sunday, the Accra Symphony Orchestra & Lumina treated patrons of the much anticipated “Endless Love” concert to a fantastic celebration of love and great music. It had all one would want at a love themed event.

The atmosphere was serene yet captivating, the lights were sure to get you relaxed; the red decor instantly brought home the valentine feeling and the music, the music, roses and chocolates were just perfect for the night.

The ICGC Christ temple was transformed into a love haven. Couples who thronged the venue to experience what the orchestra had in store for them were first met with cocktails, chocolates, roses and photographers snapping away on the Red Carpet.

Endless love‏

That was the beginning of what was billed to be an eventful evening. Guests were then ushered into the auditorium, which did not look anything like a church auditorium, where they were mesmerized by the voices of Lumina and the Accra Symphony Orchestra.

The Orchestra since 2012 has carved a niche for itself as a group that delivers amazing classical and contemporary tunes. Lumina on the other hand which was created out of the Orchestra in 2015 dazzled guests with their exceptional operatic voices.
Endless love‏

Together they mesmerized the patrons with music ranging from classical romantic tunes to contemporary all time love tunes like Tony Braxton’s ‘Unchain my heart’, Barry White’s’ My first my last my everything’, How deep is your love, Whitney Houston’s ‘I’m saving all my love’, ‘Time to say goodbye’, and the evergreen ENDLESS LOVE…which was the encore of the night…climaxing with an amazing pyro flash display.

With the ladies beautifully robed and the men so dapper, the Accra Symphony Orchestra and Lumina are certainly a group to watch this year as they seem ready to take the country by storm.
Endless love‏

The highly anticipated event certainly lived up to the hype as it was a true musical celebration of love. This event is expected to be a yearly event so all who missed out on this blissful night can catch the experience next year.

In the meantime the Accra Symphony Orchestra and Lumina promise to stage a musical concept once a quarter. Now that’s something to look forward to every quarter.

Love and music met at the Christ Temple of the ICGC on Valentine’s Day and it was truly a blissful event as one could sense the patrons experienced love like they had never before through the sound of classical and contemporary music.

Endless love‏

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